11. August 2019 - 19:00
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REHAB Your Addiction Workshop – Las Vegas, Nevada | Online Event | Sunday, 11. August 2019

Lives can change through addiction care and education. We can help you start on your journey towards treatment.

An addiction happens when, despite the adverse effects, one cannot bring themselves to stop using drugs or alcohol in excessive amounts. Education on the underlying causes behind addition, from an environment to genetic predisposition, is the key to starting your path to recovery.

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We provide access to information and resources for those battling drug or alcohol addiction and their loved ones.

What we offer in this workshop:

Offer assistance to make  your choice comfortable
Educate you on the underlying causes
Help you think about a future after recovery

Why wait?  We can help you now.  Call us today at 888.746.5815  if you have questions and register for our workshop now