27. August 2019 - 18:00 till 19:30
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TRUSTS AND TANNINS: A Perfect Pairing for Aging Gracefully | Total Wine | Tuesday, 27. August 2019

Sarah Morris is the founder of Morris Law Center, where she serves as the Attorney in charge of the Estate Planning Practice Group, as well as serving as CEO of the firm. Under her guidance, Morris Law Center has become an award winning Las Vegas law firm that is widely respected for its work in Estate Planning and Probate. Sarah's passion for Estate Planning originates from her desire to understand how to protect her own family and assets. Thus, the mission statement of Morris Law Center: "We prepare for you for the future, and protect you along the way."
Estate planning is something that can benefit nearly everyone. Whether your assets are large or small, appropriate estate planning helps ensure that your assets go to the people you choose (your beneficiaries). It can also help your beneficiaries avoid potentially expensive and time consuming aspects of probate, and can protect your beneficiaries along the way. During the class, Sarah will explain why a Durable Power of Attorney over Healthcare might be the most important part of your estate plan.
You are cordially invited to Total Wine for this casual yet educational event. Come join us while we sip wine, snack on cheese, and discuss Wills, Trusts, and Probate.