03. June 2020 - 21:30 till 23:00
Anchor Chiropractic, Las Vegas
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Unraveling Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Disorders - ADHD, Autism, OCD, Anxiety, SPD, ODD, Dyslexia, Tourette's | Wednesday, 03. June 2020

Childhood neurodevelopmental and behavioral disorders are rising at an alarming rate.

Find out what is behind this rise.

Understand the common threads of childhood neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, OCD, ODD, and Tourette's.

Leave with a strategy to improve their health and quality of life.

Join Dr. John Morelli as he dives into this important topic and gives you a plan of action to help your child.

What other parents are saying about this presentation...

"It was very informative and quite frankly I left with a feeling of hope and resolution to have the ability to help my child become the successful man I hope he grows up to be."

"The workshop was very educational and provided a lot of practical information. It's really nice that you share your slides & sources too. It is clear that you truly care and value people and their questions/comments."

"Good organized overview of the range of impacts that can lead to neurodevelopmental problems. Good balance of personal experience and scientific data."

"I learned so much! You made the scientific information accessible to the general public."