06. October 2019 - 14:00
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Corrective Yoga Workshop Series with Julie Watters | Body Shop Yoga | Sunday, 06. October 2019

CORRECTIVE YOGA WORKSHOP SERIES with Julie WattersThis series takes aim at three of the most common areas of discomfort and dysfunction: Hips, Neck and Thorax, and the Spine.  
Attendees of the workshops will learn to use their body’s feedback through both still and dynamic manipulation of posture to help them identify, understand and navigate postural-related discomfort while working to restore breath and natural, supportive alignment. Session goals include free and confident movement that can translate into everyday activities. 
Pre-registration is required to attend this workshop. Class capacity is ten participants per session. Must be at least 18 years of age to participate.  
INSTRUCTOR INFORMATION: Julie Watters is a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and Personal Fitness Trainer with over ten years of experience in helping clients improve spine, shoulder and hip health and six years of experience in Cancer Exercise.  Her list of clients include pre and post operative individuals, collegiate and professional athletes, corporate professionals, and individuals experiencing PTSD. Participants of Julie’s Corrective Yoga sessions have reported reduction in perceived pain, faster surgery recovery times and the ability to move better more often in daily activities.  
October 6th HIPS Cost to attend is $60, or $55 when purchased with the other two series workshops.*
Poor hip mobility can often create issues above the pelvis (low back pain) or below (referred nerve pain, knee pain or mobility issues, etc). Other common issues associated with poorly functioning hips are imbalances in the core and back muscles, gait abnormalities, overly tight muscles in the legs, pelvic floor weakness and secondary injury. 

November 3rd NECK and THORAX Cost to attend is $60, or $55 when purchased with the other two series workshops.*
The thorax is the intersection of the rib cage, chest and shoulders.  This session will address these areas and how they interact with the upper back and neck.  Common issues that occur in these areas are limited range of motion (ROM) in the shoulders and postural deviations such as kyphosis and upper cross syndrome.  Outcomes of these problems include issues such as chronic tension in the neck and shoulders, headaches, poor breathing, uncomfortable or limited arm movements and secondary problems in the lower spine and arms. 

December 1st SPINE Cost to attend is $60, or $55 when purchased with the other two series workshops.*
Low back pain is has the greatest impact on disability globally, in addition to an economic detriment that reaches upwards of $100 billion dollars annually. Contributing factors to low back pain can occur elsewhere in the 33 bones that make up the human spinal column, and vice versa. Other common issues that individuals may experience in the spine are discomfort associated with disc herniation, spondylilsthesis, degenerative disc disease, facet syndrome, scoliosis, stenosis and hyper- and hypo- mobile joints.  


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Please direct questions to Julie Watters at happyfitcamper@gmail.com or (205) 520-8791
What's the refund policy?
Tickets to these sessions are non-refundable, however, you are permitted to transfer your spot to another individual in the event that you canot attend.  Please communicate about your need to transfer by emailing happyfitcamper@gmail.com I have a medical diagnosis involving one or all of the areas listed in this series.  Do I need a doctor’s permission? If you have recently received a diagnosis or are 8 weeks pre or post operative, please provide a doctor’s note authorizing your participation within 48 hours prior to your session.