28. April 2020 - 13:00 till 14:00
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SaltStack Certified Engineer (SSCE) Exam | SaltStack Headquarters | Tuesday, 28. April 2020

SaltStack Certified Engineer (SSCE) Exam
This exam is offered as an online test. After registration, candidates will receive an email contains login information needed to login to the exam. 
Candidates are allowed 60 minutes to complete the 80 question exam. A passing score is 75% or greater.
Exam Topics
The exam includes questions related to the following SaltStack topics:

SaltStack installation and configuration
Configuration parameters for Salt masters and minions in great detail.
Common Salt execution modules – Usage and knowledge of execution modules like ‘test.ping’ ‘sys.doc’ ‘git’ and ‘grains’
Common Salt state modules – Usage and knowledge of state modules like ‘pkg’ and ‘network’
Using Salt states – How to apply Salt states to solve various problems in the Salt ecosystem
Using SaltStack pillar – Data storage, matching and manipulation with the Salt pillar subsystem
Command line usage – Running Salt commands from the CLI
Salt key – Authentication of Salt masters and minions
Salt security – Encryption, message transport and privacy of data within Salt
Templating – Using Jinja and other template techniques to generate and drive Salt processes

Recommended Prerequisites

Completed SaltStack’s Administration I course
Completed SaltStack’s Administration II course
Have demonstrable real-world experience with SaltStack

The exam is  hosted on an online system, so you need Internet access and we recommend using Chrome version 8 or higher for the web browser. Others supported by the site used to host the exam are:

Internet explorer 6+
FireFox 2.0+
Safari 3+
Opera 10.6+
Chrome 8+