30. April 2020 - 19:30
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Flying Phoenix Qigong w/Sifu Terence Dunn | Eastover Estate & Eco Village | Thursday, 30. April 2020

FLYING PHOENIX QIGONG with Master Terry Dunn is an intensive Qigong workshop that teaches participants the essential core practice of Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Chi (Fei Feng San Gung), a rare and extraordinarily powerful medical Qigong system created more than 400 years ago by Taoist sage named Feng Teh of Ehrmei Mountain in Xichuan province in western China. Flying Phoenix Qigong is a complete Taoist monastic system of hygienics --comprised of standing and seated, stationary and moving meditations that imparts a wide range of salient health benefits: increased respiratory power, improved circulation and metabolism, well-regulated sleep and resulting higher energy levels, improved neuro-muscular function and balance, strengthened immunity, increased bone strength, and the allostatic reversal of many signs of aging.  Besides its splendid health benefits, Flying Phoenix Qigong training so sublimely integrates mind and body to a higher level of structural sensitivity--by bringing all the organ functions under the regulation of the subconscious mind—that it stabilizes full absorption-jhana and trains one-pointedness (samadhi) so that the practitioner’s mind easily rests in the second and third jhanic states. (FP Qigong is also so systemically sensitizing that strict safeguards must be observed as to where and when one practices the art so as to prevent any type of sudden interruption.) Additional dates Aug. 29-Sept. 3. Please see our website for more information and a link to the program schedule.
TERENCE DUNN is an expert instructor of Chinese martial, yogic, and healing arts with more than 39 years of training based in Los Angeles, CA. Since 1990, he has popularized Tai Chi Chuan, an authentic Qigong practice throughout America and Europe through his highly acclaimed Tai Chi for Health and Chi Kung For Health DVD programs. Terry has also pioneered the practice of Tai Chi and Qigong in modern medicine and professional sports. Educated at Yale College and the Harvard Business School, Terry is a gifted teacher, author and filmmaker who expresses an ecumenical vision in preserving some of the most rare and powerful arts found in China's martial, yogic, and spiritual traditions. Terry Dunn's 39 years of experience in Chinese holistic health practices includes more than 32 years in T'ai Ch'i Ch'uan, Qigong and Chinese methods of meditation, and more than 30 continuous years in three styles of Chinese boxing (kung-fu). He has studied authentic Kung-Fu arts under some of the most renowned Chinese martial art masters of the twentieth century. Dunn is an instructor in the Southern Sil Lum Five Animals Kung Fu, Taoist Elixir Method, and the legendary "Eight Sections of Energy Combined" Kung Fu.  Terry taught Tai Chi and Chi Kung courses at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for many years, and wrote the first medical protocol in American medical history applying therapeutic Tai Chi and Qigong exercises to accelerate patients' recovery from major surgeries. In 2000 Terry became the first Tai Chi trainer in the NBA, training the Los Angeles Lakers during their second championship season, conducting a 50-minute Tai Chi and Kung Fu warm-up and conditioning regimen at the start of every practice. Terry is the creator of the all-time best-selling Tai Chi for Health DVD series (released in 1991) and the six-part Chi Kung For Health series (released in 2003) teaching the remarkable Flying Phoenix Celestial Healing Qigong
"Because of the great interest in Qigong in the west, it is important to have bona fide teachings by bona fide teachers. Too often students wind up learning a little bit of this form and a little bit of another, while never learning any complete system. This series is a good example of a serious and gifted instructor who offers a complete system of healing qigong to the serious student." -- Solala Towler, Editor, The Empty Vessel -- Journal of Contemporary Taoism