13. July 2020 - 10:00 till 16:00
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Cultivating a positive mindset - 1-day workshop | Haptivate | Monday, 13. July 2020

Everyone experiences negative thoughts. It’s a normal part of being human – but we can make a choice about whether to accept these thoughts or challenge them.
Where negative thoughts are left unchecked, our well-being can fall into a downward spiral.
But noticing negative thoughts when they arise and recognising them for what they are – just thoughts – creates the opportunity to break cycles of negativity.
Using simple interactive exercises, this workshop will help you unlock the ability to replace a negative thought with a positive one – a life skill that can significantly impact personal well-being and motivation for the better.

What are the benefits?

Feel more positive and optimistic
Deal with challenging emotions more easily
Improve your self-esteem
Feel more motivated
Become more empathetic and connected to others

What does the course cover?
1. Understanding thought patterns and negativity bias
Discover how thoughts originate and how thought cycles work within the brain. Explore the brain’s innate bias towards negative patterns of thinking and the impact that negative thoughts and self-beliefs can have in your daily life.

2. Detaching from negative thoughts
It’s easy to get caught up in our thoughts but actually, we have the power to choose which ones to engage with. We'll show you simple and effective tools you can use to identify and make sense of your thoughts and emotions. Using mindfulness exercises, we'll practice observing, witnessing and accepting thoughts rather than being controlled by them.

3. Creating healthy thought patterns
Neuroplasticity enables us to retrain our thinking into more positive patterns. Explore science-based techniques including gratitude, compassion, big picture thinking and letting go to cultivate a more positive and healthy mindset.

4. Building resilience with re-framing techniques
Developing a positive outlook can help you to bounce back more quickly from adversity. We’ll explore this through group work and role play activities, taking common life challenges and re-framing them in a more positive light.

Course led by Rosa Connor
Rosa Connor is a co-founder of Haptivate. She has over 10 years of experience working with individuals and leaders all over the world to develop their confidence and resilience skills. Rosa has trained executives, business leaders, HR teams and facilitators. She created and leads the popular Women in Leadership Programme, which is being rolled out nationally. She is a qualified mindfulness teacher, yoga teacher and coach who has dedicated her life to sharing these tools with others to drive social change and create a happier, more peaceful society.

Our venue

Haptivate workshops are hosted at our unique training and retreat centre - Haptivate Hub. The space has been specially designed for relaxation and connection. Spread out on a huge AstroTurf lawn with colourful lanterns floating overhead and lots of natural light. There's cushions, blankets and deck chairs so you can get nice and comfy during your session. Transport yourself from your day-to-day. Relax, have fun and connect!