21. September 2017 - 10:00
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Jivamukti Open Classes with Klara Puski (Paris) | Sangyé Yoga School - Jivamukti Affiliate London | Thursday, 21. September 2017

“Klara is a Jivamuki teacher based in Paris. Dancing since the age of five, she was always fascinated by the physical body & movement she completed her education at the Hungarian Dance Academy in classical ballet in Budapest and continued to work as a professional dancer. In 2013 she tried Jivamukti Yoga in Munich which was a transformational discovery in which she happily remains immersed. By May 2014, she completed her teacher training in New York. She feels blessed to be able to teach and equally sees it as an opportunity to serve, share and learn.

Finding an honest space through intelligent sequencing is what yoga represents for her. Creating a deeper connection with the present moment and allow ourselves to pause to reflect is what fascinates her. Feeling the moment in it’s depth to create a transformation.”

“All of these practices lead us to the realization that this physical vehicle is “just that”, to carry the eternal spirit , which is the eternal piece that is life itself, and we all have that, all living things have it , the question is how do we recognize that we are all the same? How to honour myself the same way as I honour all living beings around? We all do the best we can while we are here”

Thursday 21st Sep: 10am & 7pm
Friday 22nd Sep: 10am, 4pm & 6pm
Saturday 23rd Sep: 9am & 11am
Sunday 24th August: 11am
Regular class rates apply
  • klara is coming soon and she is also teaching the SYS monthly inversion class on SUNDAY 24 SEPTEMBER, sharing techniques on how to prepare/set up/manifest: head stand, forearm stand, handstand...book in advance!