01. December 2018 - 10:30 till 12:00
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Qi Gong Workshop: “Sustaining Health in Times of Change” | The DOJO space | Saturday, 01. December 2018

Renowned Qigong teacher Sally Ibbotson is committed to building our personal and environmental resilience in the **** of unprecedented planetary change. She  is donating her expertise to offer this free workshop. In return, participants are requested to make a donation towards bringing disadvantaged young people to attend the Conference for Climate Change and Consciousness at Findhorn in 2019. Details at
Sally says:  "Change is ever present, whether it is an unexpected health diagnosis or global issues such as climate change.  Our immune systems are tough. We are a successful species! However, when the nervous system is overwhelmed by factors outside of our control, then we may be less able to defend ourselves against illness."
 During these sessions we will explore ways to increase resilience by learning simple daily practices, tapping into our natural resourcefulness as Human Beings, through :



Self-massage using acupressure techniques.

The sessions are supported by Willesden Transition, an  organisation committed to finding local solutions to climate change.