19. July 2020 - 13:30 till 18:30
Karte anzeigen, Los Angeles
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1 Yr Shamanic Mentorship ~ Ancestors Circle w/ Victoria | Sunday, 19. July 2020

Instructor: Victoria Vives Khuong

Call/Text at (888) 653-7780

LEARN MORE >> https://ShamanicRoots.com/mentorship

Is the Shamanic Healer Mentorship Right for Me?

Walking the path of the Shamanic Healer is not a career choice nor is it for everyone. It is a calling for those with the strength of spirit and purity of heart to **** their darkest fears and heal their deepest wounds so that they may facilitate that healing for others and the Earth.

What is the Healer’s Calling?

The calling often takes the form of a series of trials and traumatic events that force an individual to search for answers beyond the day to day experience. Ignoring the call sometimes may lead to feelings of alienation and self destructive behaviors.

Why Shamanism to Answer the Call?

The Shamanic Mentorship is a time-tested, ancestral path that steps away from the limited and restrictive approach of convention. Facilitated by an experienced Shamanic mentor, individuals move off the beaten path to find answers and healing by developing a relationship with their personal spirit guides.

This training includes both in depth practical Shamanic Healing skills for you to become a Shamanic Healer as well as Sacred Ceremony experiences.

Curriculum: JANUARY through DECEMBER

• 2-Day Shamanic Fundamentals Workshop

• NEW MOON Shamanic Drumming Circle

• 4 ELEMENTS, EARTH and STAR Medicine Workshop

• 2-Day Shamanic EXTRACTION Practitioner Training

• Wildcrafting Plant Medicine Workshop

• 6-Day SOUL RETRIEVAL Practitioner Training

• Shamanic Healer Mentorship

• Shamanic Mentorship Threshold Initiation Ceremony

• 2-Day Death, Dying & Beyond: Shamanic PSYCHOPOMP

• 2-Day Healing with Spiritual Light Training

• GRADUATION and Celebration Potluck

• And Much More!

SEE THE SCHEDULE AND TUITION AT https://ShamanicRoots.com/mentorship

Location: The classes will be held in a sacred peaceful space in West Covina, CA, near the Westfield mall and 20 min from Downtown LA. Occasionally, we may meet at a location in nature.


First Step: There are two prerequisites for acceptance in this 1-Year Mentorship. One is for you to write a Letter of Intention and the other one is to schedule a Shamanic Healing session with me. You can use the contact form below to request details on how to submit your Letter and schedule your Shamanic Healing Session. The Shamanic Session may include Spiritual Extraction, Soul Retrieval, and other healing processes as needed.

Feel free to contact me http://ShamanicRoots.com/contact if you have any questions.

I look forward to meeting with you! Victoria

Call/Text at (888) 653-7780

APPLY NOW >> http://ShamanicRoots.com/mentorship/#apply


LEARN MORE >> https://ShamanicRoots.com/mentorship