05. July 2018 - 10:00
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Anime Expo 2018 | Los Angeles Convention Center | Thursday, 05. July 2018

AX 2018 returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center July 4-8, 2018 (Pre-Show Night July 4)
  • Best wood for cosplay props?
  • Are there going to be any Tokyo Ghoul cosplay meet ups or gatherings? Would really like to cosplay at AX 2018 in my Eye patch outfit.
  • Is there going to be any Yu-Gi-Oh Cosplayers going this year to AX?
  • Is there going to be any Yu-Gi-Oh Cosplayers going this year to AX?
  • Anyone know if slushi will be there again this year?
  • We are so excited! - Amime Convention LA
  • just got my ticket
  • Booking a room soon! (Most likely double beds) looking for 2 roommates! 🙂 Will be booking at the Double Tree hotel. Please message me if you’re interested. Just looking for really chill people. It’s a weekend to have fun! ☺️
  • Will there be a Discounted badge for Military Service members.
  • my first time going to Anime Expo....should be fun and looking forward to it....any advise
  • We are kicking off the new year with dates and pricing about the #AX2018 Official Hotel Block~! Check our website for all the info → http://bit.ly/AX2018Hotel
  • So correct me if I'm reading this wrong Not including preshow day.... Ax is now 3 days?
  • Dose anyone know when the hotel deals are going to be? I would like to book two rooms for my party of friends that are coming with me this year.
  • Want to perform in Lounge 21, AXDance, or Night Cafe? We're now accepting applications for performers! Learn more → http://bit.ly/2mn2nPF
  • Reposting this to bump it up: here is the udpated cosplay gathering schedule for 2018. For those interested in hosting, you can submit your request at cosplay.com, by posting here on the AX page, or by messaging me direction at Sickleweed AX. I will continue to accept new requests to host or changes to existing gatherings up until midnight the day before Day 0 of AX. If you spot any errors on the schedule, PLEASE let me know IMMEDIATELY so I can make the corrections. Cheers!
  • LASTLY (I promise), I will also be hosting the Gintama gathering! Like last year, we will have a Beetle Hunt for prizes and of course prizes will be given away by raffle drawing! The Silver Soul Arc starts this Sunday on Crunchy roll! Ginta-fans, come join in the fun at the gathering so we can have a large turn-out like before!
  • I will be hosting the YOI gathering as well! Official merch will be given away by raffle and by participation in games I have in store. Hope to see you there!
  • Just one of the gatherings I will be hosting at AX this year. Prizes will be given away by raffle, and hopefully we will have time to play some games for prizes as well! Looking forward to seeing all my fellow AOT-fans there!
  • Rigo Garcia
  • Hi. I bought the ticket in the begining of the December, but have not received the badge yet. When people usually receive them?
  • Around when do they release information on the hotel block? Trying to plan ahead before all the rooms sell out.
  • Hello fellow soldiers! I just wanna say when ever the hotel bookings star to show. I, as a premier badge holder, am going to look for a roommate. I have meet one before and would have to say Justin was the best first new roommate I ever meet. I hope he can come once more. But if I’m sure I may have one room to add a person in. But hold on to the request or unless you want to message me for info now go ahead. I will most likely bring my ps4 and my Nintendo Switch as entertainment. Plans for food will be provided or shared depending on the party, such as if someone wants food deliver. We can all pitch in to get the grub. For beds, sleeping, I will check with the hotels to see how many. Last time I check I was lucky to get a two bedroom. Things will be better to improve by having an inflated bed or so to provide one of my friends to lay on such as meaning, owner of hotel (me) will get a bed, new roommate (or old one) will get the bed because of being a guest to this event, and the rest will get the inflated bed to rest on. If anything else you guy/gals worried I haven’t mention or said. Please don’t hesitate to message or comment. If you do comment, please tag my name or message if I don’t reply. Pricing for hotel will be determine once I figure the hotel to book, but the hotel will be closet to the convention for less walk and easy to put merch away. Thank you all ^^ *pic was eye getter xP*
  • Just bought my tickets for AX this is my 2nd time going :)
  • Okay so I am Cosplaying as some of the lovely ladies this upcoming year :) but I wanted to know if anyone wanted to make it a group thing? Some of these just do not have the same impact without the other characters. In no particular order (Idk what days I am doing each one yet, or the meet ups that may happen) Twin Tale (ARMS) Urbosa (LEGEND of ZELDA BOTW) Dahlia (ACE ATTORNEY) Sailor Lead Crow (SAILOR MOON: STARS) If you possibly want to create a group please let me know :D I am always down fore making new friends and I would love to get at least a few photos with people of the fandoms :)