04. July 2018 - 18:00
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An Appointment To Meet One of the Most successful Match Makers In America | 1700 S Holt Ave | Wednesday, 04. July 2018

With Over 10 Matches in less than 7 month find out why Rabbi and Rebbitzen Yakoby are one of the most successful Match Makers In America. They dedicate over 15 hours a day to meet Jewish Singles from the community.
With gratitude to Hashem we are proud to announce the lunch of a new organization GetMatched LA. This organization was formed to fulfill a great void in our community by helping our singles find their match. 
Individuals from this organization have dedicated thousands of hours and are dedicating tens of hours every week to help the singles of our community. Their professional staff devotes the entire day meeting the singles in person(they spend over an hour with each single in order to get to know them well and discuss viable possible matches), counseling, setting up and coaching them through the dating process. 
GetMatched LA works together hand in hand with the community Rabbanim and organizations to collect the most comprehensive list of singles and find our singles the best possible matches. GetMatched LA is working for us even when we are busy with our daily tasks, they will hold the hands of our singles from start to the Chuppah. 
Your small contribution will make you personally a part of GetMatched LA and Beezrat Hashem will bring many people closer to their Zivug.  
Over An Hour to Rabbi and Rebbitzen Yakoby
GetMatched LA is an open source community project and your feed back is important to us to better your experience, for any Question or concerns please contact the board at GetmatchedinLA@Gmail.com
Thank You