30. April 2018 - 19:00
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AZLM VOLUNTEERS | 409 E 5th St | Monday, 30. April 2018

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As an outreach each month our Mission distributes water, prepares and serves over 4,000 hot meals to those who live in the Skid Row community. We collect and distribute donations of clothing, shoes, warm blankets, personal care items, etc. These are donated from partners and Volunteers just like yourself. Every donated item goes directly to those in need.
THE PROBLEM:Most of the individuals that we serve have been affected by abuse, addiction, mental illness, depression, physical disabilities, financial struggles, and displacement. They range in age from new born to the elderly and are comprised of men, women and children. Homelessness affects all of us in one way or another and does not discriminate. Caring for people, our community and the world is our social responsibility. It's a privilege we embrace.    The estimated number of homeless men, women and children in LA County area is approx. 57,874. A 9.5% increase from 2015. The problem is real and each number represents a real person that could easily be a family member, friend or coworker. Every person has his or her reasons: domestic violence, mental illness, addiction, poor finances, or simply born into poverty.
Our program Outreach connects with those who are most vulnerable through our food program. And we help them find emergency shelters for those who are displaced. Some are working their way toward self-sufficiency in our transitional housing facility. Others sleep on the streets or in abandoned buildings Or their vehicle.
WHAT YOU CAN DO NOW:  Visit and see our work - Collect donations ranging from blankets, tents or tarps, jackets, toiletries, food, snack items, funds, new & used clothes, shoes and so on (weather/season appropriate); they appreciate anything and everything we can provide them with… DONATATIONS CAN BE MADE    or you can plan a Mission Food Drive where these items can be dropped off at your church, business or faith community for us to schedule a pickup.  Hygiene Kits - Blankets, tents and sleeping bags are probably the most needed items for the people we serve.  Sign up and Volunteeer and we will contact you and plug you in to being the change that our community needs. 
Tel 213-488-1739 or Donate Today!