11. November 2019 - 19:30 till 21:00
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Breathe in the Art | Intuitive Breathwork | Thank You For Asking | Monday, 11. November 2019

Thank You For Asking is creating space with Olivia Rae on Monday nights for a meditative healing journey of breathwork and sound. Olivia's signature Intuitive Breathwork class is a safe space to explore the concept of living a life that is in alignment with your highest growth. These classes are highly experiential and open to the individual's interpretation - the act of focusing your awareness on your breath gives you permission to be completely in your own field, having a unique experience that only you can define. Learning to be confident in the value of your own experience creates the groundwork for finding your worthiness and joy within yourself.
This class is for you if you seek to understand yourself and your human experience more deeply. Olivia is passionate about teaching people to work with their own energy fields, and in this class we will access the subconscious mind through the breath.
Olivia Rae combines her Breathwork certification with years of training in the intuitive arts to create a unique experience that utilizes the power of the imagination and our physical bodies to transform energy we are ready to alchemize.
Breathwork is a powerful technique for exploration, discovery, healing, and personal growth. Working with the breath enables you to take better care of yourself and release beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you. Most people leave Breathwork sessions feeling clearer, calmer, more content and relaxed. You’ll breathe to a curated soundscape to enhance the experience and help you focus.
For the most potent session, we recommend not eating for at least two hours before class. Staying hydrated helps your energy flow, so drink plenty of water the day of and after Breathwork! Be sure to bring a mat and blanket.