18. July 2020 - 12:00 till 20:00
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
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DTI Full Spectrum Doula Training | Saturday, 18. July 2020

>>July 18-21 In Person doula training in Los Angeles!

We teach from a framework of social justice and inclusivity. We teach self-care. We teach birth for all bodies. And we believe in doulas supporting doulas.

Join us for an in-person DTI Doula training. In this training, we'll get you ready to certify as a full-spectrum doula (reproductive health + birth + postpartum), as well as walk you through the historical and cultural contexts of the birth world. When you certify in-person with DTI, you’re signing up for more than a couple of classes. You’re signing up for an education. You’re signing up to learn about sustaining a business in the birth world. You’re joining a community of professionals, invested in exploring intersections of birth work, human rights, creativity, technology and empathy.


Our full-spectrum doula (reproductive health + birth + postpartum) training equips you to provide services to families and birthing individuals through and after childbirth. Offered in-person, you can receive a full-spectrum doula certification in 12 months.

To start the registration process for a training, you must first become a member of DTI. Since we offer lifetime certifications, membership in DTI’s community is required for the first year of your birth work journey with us. As a member of DTI, you can join our forums and Facebook groups, each centers for discussion and resource-sharing. You also have access to ongoing education, get discounts on our conferences and meet-ups and become more embedded in the birth world, its intricacies and what it means to practice as a doula.

LEARN MORE HERE ABOUT PRICING, CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS AND ALL THAT GOOD STUFF: https://doulatrainingsinternational.com/become-a-doula/