12. September 2017 - 18:00
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Granada Hills Cruz-In | Baskin-Robbins | Tuesday, 12. September 2017

This Event has been created as a weekly reminder to help keep everyone (regulars & newcomers) alerted to fact that The Cruz-In happens EVERY TUESDAY! We're all about cars, but more about community; so while many of us bring out our classics every week, there are those who simply show up in their modern daily drivers, pull up chairs and sit a spell as we collectively unwind at the end of another long(?) weekday. We park in between Baskin Robbins and Carl's Jr.; do our best to patronize the local businesses while there; and most of all, DO NOT DISTURB THE NEIGHBORHOOD [read: no radio blasting, no burnouts & no attempts to race]! So, if you're interested in getting out o'the house on any Tuesday evening, and really like the idea of seeing some classic cars (along with familiar, friendly faces), then drive on over to Granada Hills Town Center; park, sit & relax. We'll see you there!