08. August 2020 - 12:00 till 21:00
Los Angeles State Historic Park, Los Angeles
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Kimberly Meredith at Disclosure Fest | Saturday, 08. August 2020


Kimberly Meredith is a the most scientifically documented Medical Medium, Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. With Blessed Healing abilities and powerful healing teaching tools, that she helps people evolve and awaken to bring out the best in themselves!! This is truly a miracle.Kimberly had a Near Death Experience in 2013 and is here to help many awaken to their own gifts .


Kimberly welcomes you to experience and participate in this truly miraculous, highly charged, life-changing interactive Healing Event where everyone can be healed.In this multidimensional healing event, Kimberly’s Master Spirit Guides will select members of the audience for medical mediumship scans and healings. Kimberly will also be giving vital information about healing cancer, health awareness, and boosting the immune system , and the Starseed awakening.• Boosting your immune system

• Avoiding toxic exposure to mercury and plastics

• Water and water filters

• Nutrition and eating healthy

• How to heal yourself

• Organic holistic living

• Alternative & holistic healthcare

• Vitamins & supplements

• DNA Activations

• Starseeds and the 5th Dimension

Through her mediumship healing abilities, Kimberly receives coded messages from the Spirit Guides channeled through her blinking eyes. As she signs and speaks in etheric Angelic Language, Kimberly receives and reveals special Messages from God.Using her extraordinary X-Ray vision, Kimberly will scan the entire field and select members of the group audience to come up on stage to receive intensive medical mediumship healings and activications. Many people will have a chance to come up on the stage to participate and assist Kimberly. She will then apply Rose oil, followed by laying-on of hands prayer to all thru Holy Divine .By helping others to heal, and witnessing their healing, you too can be healed by the power of the Holy Divine. Kimberly invites everyone to pray or chant Om. Kimberly wel-comes you to experience and participate in this truly miraculous, life-changing Healing Event.


A special Question & Answer period with Kimberly’s Master Spirit Guides and higher civilizations will conclude the event.This an empowering time in history. Together we can heal and witness these Miracles in the 5th Dimension