11. July 2020 - 15:00
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Lights of Dreams Lantern Festival | Saturday, 11. July 2020

Decorate a lantern and launch it among thousands of water and sky lanterns at Echo Park Lake in July. Sky lanterns symbolize hope for a brighter future, appreciation for our loved ones, and memories of the fallen, while lotus (floating) lanterns represent rebirth, purity and life.


? Registration and Lantern Decorating: 12-6:30 pm

? Festival and Live Entertainment: 12-8 pm

? Lantern Launching Ceremony: 8-9pm

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? A water lantern or sky lantern

? Markers for decoration

? Access to lantern launching sites

Tickets will sell out months before this event takes place. Be one of the lucky (and smart) ones and get your tickets soon.

Learn more ➜ bit.ly/lotusfestivallosangeles

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Clean up and Sustainability:

After the event, we will clean up and recycle all lanterns to ensure that Echo Park remains as beautiful and clean as before. Additionally, the water lanterns are made out of rice paper and bamboo wood, which are recyclable, eco-friendly materials. Sky lanterns will rise above Echo Park Lake via a helium balloon inside the rice paper sky lantern frame. Compared to the traditional method which utilizes an open flame, this approach is 100% safe for the attendees and does not impose any fire hazards. All water and sky lanterns are illuminated by LED lights which are energy efficient and reusable. These sky lanterns will be attached to a clear and transparent string which is anchored to a floating wooden base. Thus allowing us to retrieve and clean up every single sky lantern without polluting our neighborhood.