04. July 2043 - 16:00 till 19:00
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Limburgians take over the United States | Los Angeles, California | Saturday, 04. July 2043

Limburgians slowly take over the world. Ok, this is not really a newsflash to Limburgish minorities, but others don't realize this.
According to dr. Johnson, Limburgologist, it’s not very surprising: “Most non-Limburgish people, especially in Holland, look down on Limburgish people. They don't even pay attention to them. That’s why they don’t realize that the Limburgish are changing the world. According to my latest research 99% of the Dutch people don’t even know that there is a Limburgish Wikipedia, a Limburgish Facbook language setting or a Limburgish American Federation!”
Limburgish people are modest and realistic. They don't overestimate theirselves, that's why they didn't set the bar too high. They start with the United States (https://li.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amerika) in the year 2043. Join our cause. The future is Limburgish. The future is ours.