01. May 2018 - 16:00
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Living Kabbalah | Kabbalah Centre Los Angeles | Tuesday, 01. May 2018

Living Kabbalah with Daniel Naor
Monday, April 30th @ 7pm 
$150 | 12 sessions/Once a Month (schedule below)
We are excited to announce a unique opportunity that is approaching: ‘Living Kabbalah’ will be available exclusively to you upon your completion of K3. Here, you will have a chance to further your education and studies of Kabbalah. In attempt to enhance the student experience, this program is designed for you to collectively learn beyond the class teachings and to have the chance to apply Kabbalistic approaches to your personal-life experiences. The participating students will be largely in charge of guiding these conversations and will be able to share their individual experiences and wisdom in an intimate workshop setting.

1: April 30th @ 7pm

2: June 4th @ 7pm

3: July 9th @ 7pm

4: August 13th @ 7pm

5: September 27th @ 7pm (Thursday in Sukkah)

6: October 22nd @ 7pm

7: November 19th @ 7pm

8: December 10th @ 7pm (with Chanukah)

9: January 14th @ 7pm

10: February 11th @ 7pm

11: March 11th @ 7pm

12: April 8th @ 7pm