10. September 2017 - 19:00
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Miracle Makers TV broadcast on Facebook Live, UBN network, i<3 | Sunset Gower Studios | Sunday, 10. September 2017

Miracle Makers TV is broadcast out of Sunset Gower Studios
and can be watched by you right here on Facebook Live!

It is aired on multiple platforms and on Universal Broadcasting Network also! I heart, iTunes, and YouTube!

This show is about you embracing and igniting the miraculous, magical, and mysterious nature of your universe inside you!

You can navigate the changes in your life consciously, fully expressed, guided by your heart!

Join Dr. Sarah Larsen and co-hosts Matt Kelly, Greg and Tyler Larsen as they offer keys to how you work!

More than just relationship advice and exploring how happiness, confidence, motivation, and forgiveness can powerfully shape your journey toward a life of success, fulfillment, and contribution!

Along with leading experts in the fields of neurobiology, self-help, personal growth, relationships, business and entrepreneurship, and spirituality, join us for this weekly live broadcast on UBN Radio/TV!

FIrst and third Sundays of the month are call-in shows!
Live-Readings, past guest, and clients call in to share "How to get from where you are to activated miracle maker's frequency!"

Frequently asked Questions:
What is the Call in Number:

How are calls answered?
Jarvis, our sound engineer gets you as quickly as possible!
We especially focus on those that called before but didn't have the opportunity to speak with Dr. Larsen!

Can I ask a question on Facebook?
Yes, please we love your interactions!

Can I come to the Studio to watch this live:

We cannot accommodate a live studio audience.
Only celebrities, experts, thought leaders, those featured on the show and our VIP guests are allowed to be on set with Miracle Makers!

it is a Facebook live and a call in number for next week 323 524 2599 on the First and Third Sunday’s of the month.