20. October 2017 - 7:00
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Morning Sadhana | Green Tree Yoga Meditation Foundation | Friday, 20. October 2017


A mix of light movement Breathing practices - Sound Vibrations, - Meditation and Gratitude will prepare you for your day. This is an excellent complement to start your Hatha Asana practice.

In this class we will explore practical ways to start each day with the understanding of a modern western lifestyle, while still respecting the depth and traditions of this practice from the east.

Sadhana: "The way of accomplishing something" is a daily practice for all Yogins - new and seasoned.

Path-makers have developed road-maps to help each of us find our own personal practice for better health, better spirit and better mind. The Yoga system contains within it, powerful practices that you can tailor to your life to find a more complete Yoga Practice and a better life experience.

Come experience a taste of a well-rounded Yogi's practice - Sadhana at 7AM, stay for Hatha Asana at 8AM