26. November 2019 - 9:00 till 12:30
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Neighborhood Art Tour | Downtown | Tuesday, 26. November 2019

Art is everywhere in our beautiful city. For this Art Tour, we start in the Downtown region because it gives us a chance to show everyone the many different sides of LA's Art Scene. Besides talking about Art, we will also talk about history, architecture and culture. This tour is for riders of all skill levels. We will ride bikes to visit murals and Art pieces by known and unknown Artists. We will talk a bit about some of the Artists that paint these masterpieces and  also learn about the art community and its culture. We may visit a gallery or boutique, or possibly run into an Artist painting a mural, or a production of some sort. Their is always something interesting to stop and gawk at. The route will take you through alleys, backroads and side paths to give you a street level view of LA's underground Art Scene. We will be looking at murals, graffiti pieces, posters, stencil art, sticker art, and more. Expect lots of stops during this tour with lots of views of the real side of LA.