04. July 2019 - 8:00
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Nigerian Reunion - Beverly Hills CA USA | Beverly Hills | Thursday, 04. July 2019


9JaReunion is a 3 days action packed event for business and entertainment, where ideas, trends, insights and stars are discovered in this hyper-connected world. The event features a central stage for entertainment, talent showcase, keynotes and panels, workshops, sports and presentations, and an area dedicated to co-working, networking and interactive installations. Our mission is to help people and organizations connect through collaboration, learning and the sharing of ideas and information

The only event of its kind, 9Jareunion is a world class events with Nigeria’s brightest minds that is free and open to the public. With attendees from across USA, Africa and around the world, 9JaReunion explores a wide range of topics including education, business, entertainment, technology, art, banking and politics. 
The event has both paid tickets and free tickets. This event is presented by https://www.usafricabf.org/
All paid tickets are sold directly from https://www.usafricabf/9jareunion.com 
The Free Ticket gives you access to the business expo hall and the soccer pitch.

+ Events: In partnership with our event partners we host hundreds of events throughout Lagos over the course of one week. Start-ups, agencies, and individuals with great ideas convene with the world’s foremost experts, iconic brands and leading thinkers to share their ideas and inspiration with a global audience of hyper-connected influencers.
+ Sports: Through our global Network, the Soccer Tournament will involve teams from all over the world during the independence day ceremony. Check out the Tournament website at https://www.usafricabf.org/soccer
+ Fashion Show: With contributors all over the continent, our fashion shows will feature native shows from all over the world with emerging trends, entertainment, opinion pieces and interviews with leading influencers across the diaspora. Please visit the fashion show portal for information on the Miss Africa Pageant Stars https://www.usafricabf.org/maps
+ Education: From workshops, interactive lectures and masterclasses our educational programming provides professionals with the latest in trends, best practices and industry case studies. Visit the Expo site at https://www.usafricabf.org/expo
+ Reality TV: On behalf of some of the worlds greatest brands we provide creative, strategy and execution, video production, original content, product and brand integration, campaign launches, experiential design and community management.  We are currently doing the Pilot Version of the Prefects.  Visit https://www.usafricabf.org/prefects for more information about the Cast and Crew of this Reality Show.

We encourage you to visit the US Africa Business Forum Website at www.usafricabf.org to check out the event lineup and inquire about sponsorship options, press information, volunteer, and more. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions regarding the conference.
We hope to see you there!
Visit https://www.usafricabf.org for more information