30. November 2017 - 13:00
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ONE on ONE Exclusive Mentorship Bootcamps | ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD | Thursday, 30. November 2017

Email us at support@abcofattraction.com for more details
Learn exclusively from Asian Playboy, Johnny Wolf, or Ozzie!Note: For all 1 on 1 bootcamps Client is responsible for instructor's traveling and hotel expenses as well as club cover and transportation (to and from airport, to and from clubs) Typical costs include:    * Airfare    * Hotel    * Taxi    * Club CoverFood and drink are not required, although apperciated.Location: Anywhere in the world. We'll fly to you, or you can come to us.

Head Instructor Asian Playboy is located in Los Angeles, CA
Certified Instructor Ozzie is located in Los Angeles, CA
Certified Instructor Andrew is located in Los Angeles, CA and Asia
Certified Instructor Johnny Wolf is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Group bootcamps are recommended for the majority of students. They are less intense and they are easier to learn in a small group setting. All bootcamps respect your privacy and have it assured.However, 1 on 1 bootcamps provide exclusive mentorship for your own personal, custom needs.

Email us at support@abcofattraction.com for more details
Are YOU ready to date the girl of your dreams?
Whether you’re a newbie to dating, or have been studying the art of attraction for years, you’ve likely come to this page for one reason:

At the ABCs of Attraction, this is our ONE AND ONLY goal for our students.
By signing up for our bootcamp, we GUARANTEE that you will get:

Exclusive and field tested tactics, routines, and stories that utilize being Asian (or other) to YOUR ADVANTAGE for Interracial Dating & Pick-up SUCCESS!
30 hours worth of training over 3 days and 3 nights
The workshop section has four to five hours of seminars, lectures, & intense interactive drills
FREE Pre-bootcamp Package that includes assignments, missions, and homework specially designed to get you READY and WARMED up BEFORE the bootcamp!
FREE Pre-bootcamp Phone Consultation with an ABCs staff member to go over your homework and prepare you for the big day!
FREE Bootcamp Workbook over 100 pages that will give you EVERYTHING that you need to make meeting women EASY
A detailed understanding of the unique, intuitive, and easy to understand and implement ABCs Structure:

The ONLY HOLISTIC mind & body form of pick-up that combines:

Inner Game (10 Pillars of Strength & Lifestyle)
Outer Game (Subcommunication & Bodylanguage)
Verbal Attraction (Bantering & Storytelling)

Then the fun starts!

Each evening, students head out to local hotspots with our instructors for a night of socializing with the kind of women they have only dreamed of before.
Our 3:1 student – instructor ratio offers each ABCs student as much 1-on-1 help as they can handle. And after each in-field exercise is a debriefing session where students can get feedback on how they did.
Often times, our students meet someone special during the bootcamp, which alone can be well worth the price of attending.

Head instructor JT the Asian Playboy does not belong to any large corporation, and is not interested in fly-by-night schemes. He is interested in YOUR SUCCESS, and has designed a program that keeps students in REGULAR contact with instructors through meetings and our internet boards.
We have gotten tired of hearing stories where a guys takes a bootcamp at another company, gets some success, and then slowly loses his skills. THIS IS NOT TRUE INSTRUCTION, but a temporary fix.
After YEARS of teaching his own highly successful bootcamps, APB has designed a SPECIALIZED program of ******** instruction combined with multiple follow up meetings. Our alumni have a chance to meet with their instructors even AFTER they graduate from the bootcamp.
We believe our students are a reflection of our company, and our goal is to assure that all of them are successful. Where other companies cut contact with students when the bootcamp ends, your bootcamp is an induction into a brotherhood of amateur and veteran social artists who truly want to help each other.
This is not some scheme where we raised the prices of our programs.
APB has chosen to offer FREE follow-up events because he is dedicated to seeing his students grow and become successful with women. Having learned from the best, APB understands that, while a bootcamp can skyrocket your success, follow up is essential to truly develop your social skills.
Here is what some students are saying about our program:

The ABCs of Attraction is one of the rare companies that offers programs like this, which is why we have had such a high student success rate.
We view teaching as more than a method. We see it as a MOVEMENT of men learning how to properly socialize, interact and date women.
Now you can learn the A-F secrets of how to meet beautiful women and begin your own journey of personal improvement.
Don't you think it's time?

For a more detailed look at the syllabus or typical daily schedule, click here.