27. March 2019 - 17:00 till 20:00
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Open Sessions: MARCH | The Institute for Art and Olfaction - Chinatown | Wednesday, 27. March 2019

Blending aromatic molecules together into a composed perfume is not only fun, but creative, challenging and - sometimes - kinda relaxing. We can't promise you that you'll make the next Chanel No. 5, but we can guarantee that you'll come away with knowledge, and a healthy respect for the art, science and skill it takes to make a good scent. Come find out for yourself at The Institute for Art and Olfaction’s weekly open sessions.

+ Weds., Mar. 6+ Weds., Mar. 13+ Weds., Mar. 20+ Weds., Mar. 27
In our informal weekly open sessions, you will tinker with perfumery materials in a casual, social setting. We have a great selection of natural and synthetic aromamolecules, perfumer’s alcohol, beakers and droppers, scent strips and bottles… Everything you’d need to start or develop your experiments with perfumery.
+ Athough we have a 3 hour window in which to come and do your work, we recommend planning to be here for no longer than 2 hours. This is plenty of time; as beginners – often we are not accustomed to smelling this much. Simply put, our noses get tired.
+ Please note that this is a knowledge-share environment, not a formal class. What you learn, you will learn by experimentation, your peers, and - of course - some professional guidance.
+ If you are interested in formal classes, please visit our calendar to see what we have coming up.
+ Please review our refund policy before signing up for a session!
+ Due to limited space, we operate on a strict reservation-only basis. Please be sure to book your spot in advance!
Intro Session: $45.00
This includes the use of our labware, glassware, pipettes, scent strips, and your choice of five 1 dram vials of aromamolecules to work with. You can buy extra materials on site, at the prices below.
Returning Students: $10.00 + Materials à la carte
Returning students simply pay a lab fee, and any materials they use. You can purchase as many – or as few – as you desire, and of course can also bring materials from home.
Materials (beyond what is included in the intro session fee) are available for purchase on site, in two sizes.
5/8 dram vial: $3.501 dram vial: $5.00
We accept cash, paypal or credit cards. If paying by cash, bring small bills.
Please note that whether or not you have attended before, you must reserve your space in advance. If you just show up without reserving a spot, there is no guarantee we will be able to accommodate you. All levels are welcome, but our open sessions are 18 and up (or 14+, with ***** supervision).
Open hours between 5:00 pm-8:00 pm, Wednesdays We recommend planning for two hours.

Our open sessions are fulfilling our mission to create public access to materials and learning around perfumery. We invite the public to come in and experiment with scent in these lightly guided open sessions in our functional perfumery laboratory.
For first-timers: Upon first arrival, there is a 10 minute lab orientation and safety session. Once that’s done, we invite you to spend some time smelling what we have in our student organ. When you’ve decided which scents you’d like to work with, we’ll make your vials and set you up at a work station with your materials. You can take the vials home, of course, as well as anything you make during your session.
Remember, this is meant to be a two-hour experience, so feel free to come anytime between 5 and 8pm.