10. January 2020 - 11:00
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Part 1 Draping Basics || Los Angeles | 4-Week Course | January Session | Mood Designer Fabrics | Friday, 10. January 2020

Our most popular class. New & improved, 3hr classes each week for 4 consecutive weeks.
Have you always wanted to know how to create your own patterns that fit perfectly? Fashion designers often use a process called “draping” to create perfectly fitted patterns on the dress form. It is easy to learn and a useful skill to have.
Learn to drape muslin fabric over a dress form and pin it into place, gently manipulating the fabric around the form. Once the fabric is draped, the key measurements and fit lines are marked to record the basic pattern shape.
In this Mood U 4-Week Draping Basics Part 1 Course you will learn will the fundamental rules of draping on the dress form. Creating basic patterns for a bodice, skirt & dress. Students will be guided in transferring their draped muslin onto pattern paper and fine tuning their pattern shapes. At the completion of the 4-week course, students will have finished both muslin drape work and paper patterns. We will guide you in achieving a perfect fit and finish with all your patterns to use as a basis for future projects and Mood U workshops.
Course Fee includes:4 weeks of hands-on draping instruction by a Mood U expert1 dress form assigned to each student every class for 4 weeksMuslinPattern paperTransfer paper
Students will also need their Mood U Draping Kit, which can be purchased in-store for approximately $106.00+tax, or you may purchase required supplies individually as needed.
MOOD U DRAPING KITL square metal ruler12" french curveGrid rulerTracing wheelColored pattern makers pencilMechanical pencilFabric scissorsPaper scissorsDressmaker pinsPincushionPattern weightsTape measureDraping tape

What is the age requirement for this class?
16+ for ***** classes.
Can I bring my own supplies from home?
All required supplies are included in the Mood U Draping Kit. You can purchase the full kit or just the individual items you may be missing. (see supplies list above)
Can I still sign up if I have to miss one of the six classes?
Absolutely! The classes are structured to complete sections of the course week by week, however if you should miss a class the Mood U team will work with you to get back on track with your work and talk through in brief anything you may have missed. Comprehensive class notes are also provided.
Can I get a refund if I have to cancel?
Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.
Mood Fabrics has a no returns & no exchange policy on items purchased in store (eg: sewing kits, fabric and other supplies)
Do I need to have my own dress form?
No, we provide you with a professional dress form during class. If you wish to explore your draping skills at home you may like to consider taking a look at the Mood Dress Form
How do I know what level I should start at?
Beginner draping classes are for students who have no previous experience, or have a little experience but have not draped in a while and wish to refresh their beginner knowledge.
Intermediate draping classes are for students who have had some experience with draping on the dress form and wish to take their skills to the next level.
Advanced draping classes are for students who have had a reasonable amount of experience and wish to expand their skills whilst working on a custom project.
All of our classes at every level are very social and a lot of students continue to return to keep learning but also to enjoy the social aspect.
Can I switch classes?
Currently all levels of draping courses run once per week. We ask you to make sure the scheduled class time works with your weekly schedule.
Is your question not answered here? Please contact Student Support at info@moodu.com for anything else you wish to know about Mood U.