23. November 2019 - 9:00 till 14:00
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Radical Imagining: Great Streets Leimert | BARBARA MORRISON PERFORMING ARTS CENTER | Saturday, 23. November 2019

In these times, social imagination is a radical act, affirming that all of us make the future. When we have the audacity to dream in public, when we begin to turn imagination into action, we can move the world. Creating the neighborhoods we want to live in requires social imagination, the capacity to envision alternatives to what is together remaking reality. What if instead of another holiday commemorating the past, we took time to envision and celebrate the future? RADICAL IMAGININGS: GREAT STREETS LEIMERT was one of 10 finalists in the LA Great Streets Challenge Grant who received $15,000. At the end of this 6 month project 4 finalists will be chosen from the Design Concept Presentation to receive $500,000 each to build out a proof of concept of their Vision.Leimert Park Village, Inc. will identify their priority project for the $500K Great Streets Build consideration based on the Visioning and Concept Development Phases. Based upon the community-informed direction, our partner Alta Consulting will prepare design plans that reflect LPVInc.’s findings from the visioning and concept design process. Alta will develop a preferred alternative based upon community and LPV direction that will be shared back with the community at the MLK Festival in January. Radical Imagining is Creative Visioning, Interactive Storytelling, Cultural Tourism & Gaming where residents of all ages, property owners, merchants, artists, organizers come together in Leimert Park Village to Imagine what their neighborhoods (and their world) might look like in in the future.The topics explored at the Imaginings will seek input from participants to identify priorities and goals. The following were identified as starting-points:1. PlaceKeeping activation in Public Right-of-Way spaces in front of businesses.2. Conversion of existing People Street plaza to more permanent elements3. Extension of People Street Plaza4. Improved crossings and parking lots5. Leimert Plaza ParkThe Imaginings will also be an opportunity to assess the following: 1. How public space within the study area is currently being used and how it can be improved.2. Discuss what standards might be put in place for festivalsand their use of public space;3. And how they engage with merchants.4. The needs of the merchants are (e.g. more seating, facade improvements, etc.)5. The community’s vision for the future of Leimert Park Village.Based on feedback received at these Imaginings, we will work together to come up with a set of recommendations. Once these are identified, checked for feasibility, and reviewed with the City, we want to get the community’s feedback and understand priorities. What we want to learn about from survey respondents:1. Survey respondent contact information.2. Type of respondent: Property owners, Residents, Merchants, Vendors, Students, Culture Seekers.3. What are the community’s main concerns within the Project Area?4. What do they love about the project area? What would they change?5. Where are safety concerns, connectivity gaps, etc? What we want to share with the community:1. The nature and meaning of Public Space and how communities navigate it.2. What is Great Streets and this process? (Project expectations.)3. What is the focus of this effort? (Project Area Map)4. The community’s role throughout this process.5. The local history of the area and changing demographics of Leimert Park and South LA6. The work that has been completed. The Great Streets Initiative rethinks streets as places where children walk to school and play, where teenagers meet and mingle, where people bike and catch transit for work and play, where businesses sell neighborhood-supporting goods and services and where everyone can celebrate being a part of their community. The Great Streets Initiative aims for safe, accessible, diverse, economically thriving and attractive streets for people.By asking the participants to imagine the future of their community, we will develop a RADICAL IMAGININGS: GREAT STREETS LEIMERT Campaign with corresponding messaging and branding. Imagination is our birthright: everyone owns this power and everything created must first be imagined. But too often, we’re persuaded to believe our voices don’t count or that the future is determined by a powerful few. In these times, radical social imagination is a about restoring personal and collective agency, shifting dominant narratives, and affirming that all of us make the future.Come Help us Build!!!www.leimertparkvillage.orgleimertparkvillage@gmail.com
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