19. September 2019 - 19:00 till 20:00
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Wholesaling Houses Webinar Louisville Kentucky | On your Computer | Thursday, 19. September 2019

Learn - Partner - Close Deals - Repeat
Start Wholesaling Real Estate with the Pro's, join our Online network of real estate investors, get trained Online by Seasoned Investors and members of our Nationwide Group.
Get Ready to Partnerup and hit the ground running, our unique partnership program will help you from start to finish on all your deals, use our resources, Buyers, Sellers, Funding, Brokers, Attorneys and everything else you need to get your deals Closed!
What you'll discover in this free training:-Detailed case studies about each of the properties Jaelin sold to make money-How the real estate wholesaling process works (step by step)-Why you do NOT need a license or experience to use this viable real estate strategy
Why invest in Real Estate?

More millionaires have been created in real estate

Use the tax code write off's that real estate offers

Become financially free with proven strategies that work across the country

Suitable for anyone that wants to take financial control of their future

Who should attend?

If you are looking to jump into Real Estate, you should attend!

If you are New to Real Estate? you should attend!

If you are an Experienced investor that wish to get to the next level

Looking for a Extra-income

What you’ll learn:

Wholesaling Houses

To save time at meetings and to keep track of who is serious. All our associates and guests must be pre-registered for each meeting. You must confirm your registration by phone or replying to our confirmation email.