17. December 2019 - 19:00 till 20:00
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Metaphysical Masterclass with Amy Antonellis and Kristi Johnston | Center for Holistic Healing and Art | Tuesday, 17. December 2019

Have you been on the path of metaphysical expansion for a while? Have you been wondering how you can magnify your metaphysical gifts and get to the next level? Is your giving nature resulting in you feeling worn out? Are you interested in learning how to apply your metaphysical abilities in your daily life? If so, we have the class for you! Introducing “Metaphysical Masterclass” with Kristi Johnston and Amy Antonellis!
In this class, Kristi and Amy will create safe space and communal support to allow you to expand your metaphysical capabilities. You bring your personal energy, your questions, your experiences, and your curiosity; we’ll guide you to a deeper understanding of the metaphysical realm. Not only do we bring our experiences, but also the channeled answers from All That Is!
The Metaphysical Masterclass will include:

One master session a month for 12 months via Zoom webinar (access from anywhere with internet or via phone!)
A tribe of like-minded people, all committed to growth for the year
Camaraderie and safety to explore a variety of metaphysical topics of your choosing
Practical techniques for keeping your energy high even while generously using your gifts for others
Audio recordings of our sessions that you can take with you anywhere
A deeper dive into harnessing your energy for your highest and best
A private Facebook group where you can pose questions and receive feedback from not only Kristi and Amy, but also the group at large. 
Channeled messages from The Lords of the Akashic Records just for the group

Amy and Kristi have committed themselves to working with the masters. Their unique brilliance is taking those individuals with spiritual gifts and propelling them to the next level. The more curious, excited, and questioning you are about your abilities and what is possible, the better! This is your chance to tap into our divine connection with Source Energy and receive an answer to any question you may have.
Added Bonus: The Lords of the Akashic Records have made it clear that they will be regular participants in the monthly calls and will on occasion answer individual questions!
When: 3rd Tuesday of every month through July 21, 2020
Where: Zoom Meeting, access via internet on your device of choice or call in.
Investment: $55/ month via automatic payment (email info@holistichealingandart.com to arrange)
OR save by prepaying for entire year for only $600
**Please note that this is a full year commitment. This ensures the creation of a consistent community where we will build trust and be able to foster maximum growth and transformation. Everyone will be asked to respect member’s privacy and maintain confidentiality both during and after the year has concluded.
Are you ready to take your metaphysical expansion to the next level?! Register today and join the Metaphysical Masters!