08. August 2020 - 14:00 till 21:00
Wisteria Acres Wellness and Retreats, Maple Ridge
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Surviving To Thriving - HeartMath with the Herd | Saturday, 08. August 2020

We have done a phenomenal job at surviving these last few months. Now how do we transform our stress and anxiety, our uncertainty and overwhelm to thrive moving forward?

The HeartMath Institute describes resilience as …“The capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the **** of stress, adversity, trauma or tragedy“.

So how can we recover and adapt?

How do we begin to rebuild our lives in a more meaningful way?

What will our “new normal” look like?

Where do we start?

These are questions that are running through the minds of many. And the answers are found in awakening our hearts.

Exploring the origins of overwhelm, we will navigate and transform it through simple heart-based processes designed to re-set, re-balance and realign you with your heart’s intuitive guidance.

Research by the HeartMath Institute has shown that the heart influences our perceptions and emotions, thus affecting our brain and our ability to think and make effective decisions. These heart-based processes will support your heart’s positive effect on the brain, thereby increasing clarity and your resilience to stress.


Here is what our past participants are saying:

“Enlightening! Tools to help with anxiety and daily interactions in life. It has empowered me; opened my eyes to where I’m stuck and lit a path I need to walk.”

“Wonderful! I will use the HeartMath process and apply it into my daily life. I felt so much peace there.”

“I feel reconnected to my authentic self with a true sense of peace.”


Did you know horses have hearts five times larger than our human hearts?

Making the horse’s heart energy field larger and more resonant than ours, with the ability to draw us into their peaceful and balanced state.

Experience connecting heart-to-heart with members of the Wisteria herd as you deepen into new insights and anchor into your next steps to create a life you feel ready to thrive in!


Here is what our past participants are saying:

“The horses provided a conduit to many messages; mainly to trust my intuition.”

“Feeling the power and gentleness of the horses, and the gift of grounding.”

“I am in a place of awe at the strength, beauty and Grace I experienced.”