11. December 2018 - 17:45
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14 DAY RAPID RESULTS TRAINING COURSE! | 3830 Washington Rd | Tuesday, 11. December 2018

She's Fit: 
She's Fit: 14 Day Rapid Results Training Course  'The ultimate personal training program, incorporating the latest in training techniques to acquire a lean, toned and healthy body. As a result of being trained through the PULSE ZONE Program you achieve maximum results as body fat starts to melt off, energy levels go through the roof and you become stronger and healthier.
PULSE ZONE training is designed for every fitness level, from the de-conditioned to the experienced athlete, incorporating coaching motivation and accountability with our highly qualified PULSE ZONE trainers pushing you through 45 minute results driven workouts. Compare this work out to all others and experience the difference for yourself.
   If your goals are to... Lose Body Fat, Improve Muscle Tone, Revitalize Skin Complexion, Treat Arthritis ,Control Diabetes, Manage Fibromyalgia, Enhance Overall Health & Fitness, Reduce Cellulite, Lower Blood Pressure, Decrease Cholesterol Levels and Improve Bone Density then this personal coaching supported program will benefit you!