26. May 2018 - 10:00
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HondaFest weekend 2018 (official event page) | Racepark Meppen | Saturday, 26. May 2018

On the 26 and 27th of May, HondaFest will have its first weekend edition at Race Park Meppen, with a campsite. With a lot of activities, such as a sprint competition, track time, a Show & Shine competition and a party night, HondaFest Weekend promises to be a blast!
  • Aanwezig
  • Jurgen en Jeroen....met 3 coupés?
  • Lars Masselink weekendje Duitsland doen hahahaha
  • Die Asspig Army ist am start
  • Finally a weekend! this should be FUN! I advice everyone to go, always a chilled environment with a LOT of people from a LOT of countries. (Y)