16. November 2019 - 19:00
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Art Basel Miami access to Art Shows, events and night lifestyle parties in Miami | Frame to Go | Saturday, 16. November 2019

Art Basel access to Art Shows, events and night lifestyle parties in Miami
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Pop Basel Continues with its Second Activation of Frame the Arts in Miami Beach

(Miami Beach, FL) -- Pop Basel continues to Miami Beach for its second activation on November 16th. It’s activations called Frame the arts features three local Miami Visual Artists. Each artist will embody 4-5 works that represents their artistry to the public. Pop Basel presents the opportunity for visual artists to showcase their works in a physical space and continues to display for a week period after its initial event to allow maximum and continuous exposure. 

The partnership developed with a local Miami Beach frame shop called Frames 2 Go, located at 1560 Alton Road Miami Beach, FL 33139. Frames 2 Go regularly features visual artists with their frameworks on display. 

The first activation of Frame the Arts started on October 5th, 2019, presenting 3 local Miami Visual Artists: R Ford Visuals, Jason Skeldon, and Rudy Mage. On November 16th 2019, the Artists featured for the second activation are: Katrina Uritis, Kris Kasino, and Kyle Pulley. Their works will display a story telling manner in showcasing what is important to their visual artists at this time. 

“ Pop Basel gave me an opportunity to showcase my work on South Beach and having my work placed on Frames to Go Miami walls.” - R Ford Visuals 

Pop Basel Agency originally founded by William “KingPop” Floyd in 2011 under the name Royal Flush Studios LLC, and renamed Pop Basel Agency BKA Pop Basel. Pop Basel has launched, initiated, and branded notable companies such as: Rap Snacks, Porsche, Delta, Mitsubishi + More!