08. November 2019 - 18:00
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Living To Inspire Festival | TBT Go Subscribe To Receive Updates | Friday, 08. November 2019

Living to Inspire Festivals will take place in 7 select cities across the country starting November 8 & 9 th 2019 through 2020. for a two day festival. 
Victorious In Life, Contributing To Society & Fun Along The Journey.  These are core principals when you’re “Living to Inspire”.​
A Living To Inspire Festival is a new and unique live event experience designed to educate, entertain, inspire and connect one another through the Seven Rocks of Life mentality.   
Spiritual / Relationships /  Finances /  Health / Income Streams / Organization & Personal Growth 
Enjoy new music from emerging artists who want to make an impact with their songs & informative speakers who give insight, levity  and purpose to help define our own life journeys.​
When you’re “Living to Inspire” the world is a better place.  You’re a better person, and you’ll live/lead by example! Positivity is infectious...and ground zero is the festival that inspires and gives back!
Tickets on Sale at www.livingtoinspire.com
10% of ticket sales are donated to charities at the event. 
Whether you are an Entrepreneur, career driven, Investor or just need inspiration, a living to inspire festival WILL OPEn DOORS FOR NETWORKING, IDEAS, entertainment AND MORE!
You’re a goal chaser, a dreamer and a hardworking hustler who’s ready to reach for more. Events are for everyone- entrepreneurs in all industries and stages, developers at all levels, community organizers, investors, change-makers, and those working to drive startup growth. ACCELERATE YOUR GROWTH WITH: 
A ROADMAP that turns your pages of to-do lists into a focused action plan that WILL get you one step closer to your goals on the daily. 
SALES STRATEGIES that work, taught by successful entrepreneurs that are already making it happen. 
A COMMUNITY of business owners, goal chasers & visionaries who are ready to reach for more.​
MARKETING TOOLS that will revolutionize the way you reach your dream customers...and turn that engagement into revenue. 
INSPIRATION from real people who share their personal stories of failure & success, sure to get you revved up ready to chase down your own personal or business dreams!ENTERTAINMENT that features music from hot and new emerging artists that want to make an impact.

When you’re “Living to Inspire” the world is a better place.