11. November 2017 - 10:00 till 17:00
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Millbury Performing Arts New Mattress Sale Fundraiser | Millbury High School | Saturday, 11. November 2017

SAVE THE DATE, join us, and come get a better night's sleep AND support Millbury Music & Performing Arts as they host their 4th Annual Mattress Fundraiser! A mattress showroom will be set up at Millbury HS from 10AM to 5PM on November 11th. Proceeds from every sale will pay directly to the Performing Arts in Millbury!!

Take a peek of what to expect:

We have been working with 40+ local schools annually since 20012, and have helped raise over $670,000+ dollars for groups in the Greater Boston area!!! We are excited to work with Millbury HS again to help them reach their fundraising goals! If you, or anyone that you know, needs a new mattress (or pillow!), come check out our one-day event!

We offer higher quality for the price than a retail store with no high pressure sales. Brand new, name brand, top quality products with full manufacturer warranties. This includes gel memory foam, latex, air, adjustable bases, pillows, protectors, frames & the popular number bed! We offer all sizes, all price ranges, delivery, on site financing and free layaway.

Please help pass this on and spread the word; if people are going to buy a mattress anyway, why not save money and help the kids.

Please invite friends and family to help the students.@CFSBoston, Tweet #Beds4Millbury
  • Come on down and buy a mattress!
  • Do you want to experience the best sleep of your life? Can you imagine yourself comfortably watching tv in bed while getting a calming massage? Adjustable bases do all that and provide many health benefits... so sleep better together! They will be available at the Millbury Music Parents Association #MattressFundraiser THIS SATURDAY, NOV 11th @ Millbury High School. Adjustable bases are the hottest trend in the mattress industry right now - come see why! What are the benefits of an adjustable bed? 1. They help with acid reflux, sleep apnea, lower back pain, snoring, etc. 2. You can raise your feet and head up, to find the ideal sleeping position for your body. No more stacking pillows!!! 3. The massage feature can relieve stress, headaches, & lower blood pressure. 4. It makes it easier to do things like read a book, use a laptop, or watch TV in bed. 5. Raising the head up can make it easier to get in and out of bed. Come try one out Millbury High School, Millbury-Sutton Chronicle, Millbury Police Department, Millbury Parents Club, Millbury Fire Dept, Millbury Fire Station 2, MOMS Club of Sutton/Oxford/ Millbury/Grafton, Millbury, Massachusetts ... you can save thousands of dollars compared to retail (these beds will change your life)!!
  • PLEASE SHARE>>> Did you know our Mattress Fundraiser now offers financing? You can now support your local students, AND find a NEW, name brand mattress that fits into your budget. EVERY purchase supports the Millbury Music Parents Association!!!
  • PLEASE SHARE>>> Did you know our Mattress Fundraiser now offers financing? You can now support your local students, AND find a NEW, name brand mattress that fits into your budget. EVERY purchase supports the Millbury Music Parents Association!!!
  • 3 DAYS!!!! We are only 3 DAYS AWAY!!! Please SHARE!!! Our 3rd annual Mattress Fundraiser to support Millbury Music Parents Association & Millbury Public Schools Performing Arts is THIS Saturday, Nov 11th, from 10am-5pm!
  • For over 30 years, Comfortaire has built one of the most comfortable mattresses you will ever sleep on, using air to provide adjustable support with 100 comfort positions. Suffering from sleep struggles? Make time for YOU to get the rest you deserve, with the "number" you want Millbury Music Parents Association, Millbury Parents Club, Millbury High School, Millbury Public Schools... and ALL of Millbury, Massachusetts
  • Do you know that they will also have pillows for sale Saturday! Some awesome new ones too! What is your favorite pillow? Mine is the Cooling Gel pillow! I️ got it 3 years ago at our first sale and I don’t spend a night without it. My only complaint is it takes up a lot of room in my suitcase!
  • Are you planning on coming to our Mattress Sale Saturday? There are two other big community events in our Town this weekend that you can support too! Help the Millbury Parents Club raise money for our schools, or help our local heroes collect food for the Millbury Food Pantry! We hope that you come out to support all 3 events and show the world what a great community we have!
  • Shop and save 30-50% off retail store prices Millbury Music Parents Association, Millbury Public Schools, Millbury Parents Club, and ALL of Millbury, Massachusetts.... this Saturday :) See what the Mattress Fundraiser is all about.. and SHARE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtWPNME9W2w
  • Anyone ever purchase one? If so where you satisfied?
  • Happy Halloween! 🎃 Run out of candy? I have a solution! Give out these instead!
  • No matter what we do, we all need sleep. So invest in a Lifestyle Adjustable Bed sleep system that adjusts with YOU at the Millbury Music Parents Association Mattress Fundraiser on Saturday, Nov 11th, from 10am-5pm! We are just like a mattress store, except better because you can save UP TO 50% on brand new, name brand mattresses while supporting the kids.
  • Where else is the money raised going? A portion of the money raised throughout the last few years of this fundraiser is going towards a purchase of new Marching Band uniforms. Our current uniform (left) has been worn with pride since the early 90s. We are excited and hopeful to be replacing it with the new uniform on the right for next Fall. But we need your help! Come check out the Mattress Showroom on 11/11 and help us reach our fundraising goal!
  • Where is the money going that we raise from this year’s fundraiser? At the Shaw School, Mr. Rollins is hoping to be able to purchase a chair cart and music stand ****. Help them out by checking out this year’s fundraiser! Last year for The Shaw School, we were able to purchase an iPad for use in General Music.
  • THANK YOU to ALL the parents & students in Millbury Public Schools & the Millbury Music Parents Association who attended the "Mattress Meetings" Thursday night... and everyone in Millbury, Massachusetts!! We really do appreciate the support and effort to help us spread the word!! Remember to SHARE on your timeline with ALL your family & friends (and co-workers). 1 in 10 of them need a mattress... so you'll be doing them, AND the kids a favor by letting them know about the sale. Look for the (yellow) signs, & save BIG $$$ Nov 11th!! PLEASE SHARE so others can benefit
  • When the whole family loves our Mattress Sale and wants to help out! A big thank you to Jack from CFS and everyone who came out to our Kick-off Meeting last night! Proof that everyone can get involved and help us out!
  • Your mattress is an important investment, something on which you’ll likely get around 30,000 hours of sleep, so saving up for a good one is important (**and saving up to 50% OFF store prices is pretty good too!) Don’t underestimate a good night’s sleep Millbury High School, Millbury Public Schools, Millbury Music Parents Association
  • Life changing event Millbury High School, Millbury, Massachusetts? Need a new top-quality bed for the best possible price? We will have 29 quality mattresses in ALL sizes. ALL BRAND NEW. All name brands (Simmons BeautyRest and More). ALL Up to 50% OFF Retail. Come out and support the kids and get a great new bed!!!
  • Meet Matty the newest addition to our Millbury Performing Arts family. We are excited to have 2 of our very own mattress costumes that were made for us by a former parent. Be on the lookout for Matty, coming to a game or town event near you! Today he got a chance to conduct the band and roam the halls of the high school! Where will you spot him next? We are excited to meet with CFS tomorrow to kick-off what is going to be our biggest and best fundraiser ever!
  • Hi Jen. Thanks for the invite but I work on Saturdays. Can I pledge/donate money to the event?
  • Nice write up! http://www.millburysutton.com/articles/4th-annual-mattress-sale-fundraiser-slated-for-nov-11/
  • We offer Simmons Beautyrest and Consumer Digest Best Buy Award Winning Beds at a savings of up to 50% off! If you've been waiting to buy a new bed Millbury High School, Millbury Public Schools, Millbury Parents Club, Millbury, Massachusetts or maybe replace another mattress in your home... PLEASE WAIT, & come check this out and please tell a whole bunch of your friends, co-workers and family. If you don't need a mattress, that's okay too... PLEASE help create some awareness & SHARE our event so others can benefit too
  • I wish this wasn't until November. I need to buy a mattress this month.
  • This is from 2 years ago! Last year we broke $7,000! This year we are shooting for $10,000! Help us reach our goal!
  • MARK YOUR CALENDARS & SAVE THE DATE Millbury High School, Millbury Public Schools, and ALL Millbury, Massachusetts : the Millbury Music Parents are hosting their 4th annual Mattress Fundraiser on SATURDAY Nov 11th! PLEASE SHARE..