05. August 2019 - 9:00
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kidOYO Summer Camp [Mineola MS] August 5th - August 9th | | Monday, 05. August 2019


9:00am to 4:00pm
(Ages 8 - 17)
This program requires the student to bring a laptop.
kidOYO summer camps evolve year to year. In 2013 it was all about Minecraft Modding in Java. In 2017, Roblox Studio and Lua programming took over. Technology changes, and kidOYO changes too. This year (2019) we're bringing kidOYO to local communities on Long Island.
Every kidOYO summer camp is designed as its own 1 week experience, allowing students to attend multiple weeks and have unique experiences. Kids participating will learn from our mentors how to write their own programs in multiple languages, including beginner languages like Scratch, as well as more robust real world project-development languages like Python, Java, html, css, Javascript, Lua, C variants, CAD programs and more. The language is not the priority, helping kids use their creative imagination and giving them access to the methods of self-led learning is.
Summer learning differs from our semester programs in that it is focused on learning via play, using the purpose of summer fun to propell student motivation in this area of learning. All kids in our care will learn to program in multiple languages, and will produce a portfolio of project-work that they will be able to show to parents as part of a student-owned portfolio, as well as during "Demo Day" that concludes each week of camp.
kidOYO summer camp weeks never produces the same experience twice so students can choose from attending single weeks or multiple weeks. Each week will allow kids to personalize their own experience, and gain knowledge that will progress from one week to the next.
Often, kidOYO mentors are prototyping new interactive learning games with students. Kids will not only learn from, but will learn with CS student-mentors from top University CS programs in the Nation. Many kids will choose to engage physical computing projects bringing coding and hardware engineering together in an experience. Circuitry, sensors, motors, CAD programs, 3D printing, and many unique prototyping experiences await their engagement.
Our goal at kidOYO is not defined by CS, STEM, or any other such term. Our goal is self-led creativity that connects real world skills to empathy so that kids can start seeing problems in the world around them that they are equipped to provide solutions for. This is the future of learning, and it happens every summer at kidOYO.
Who Are kidOYO Mentors?
kidOYO Mentors are a lot of different types of people.  Some are software developers (OYOclass.com -in use by school districts across New York.) Some are toy and learning product developers ( with products sold by Toys R' Us, Target, Costco...)  Some are computer science and engineering undergraduates, masters and graduates . Collectively we are passionate about helping inspire and empower creativity in people.  Follow our Twitter feed to see us in action @kid_OYO
Each ticket purchase includes five days of summer camp tuition with events running from 9am - 4pm. Each student will receive a tshirt & other surprise kidOYO Swag... 

For a glimpse inside visit our Twitter feed: 

What do students need to bring?

Laptop, Charger, backpack, case or roller case to carry the supplies between classes.  kidOYO students move between classrooms within the building so having a set up that enables easy movement is key.  
Water bottle
Snack or money for vending machine runs
Email address

How does Drop Off and Pick Up work?

After the first day's registration and check in, Drop off and Pick Up for camp will happen curbside in front of the Middle School. 
kidOYO Mentors will be inside the building waiting to check kids in each morning and sign them out each day.  If you arrive after 9:00am and the kidOYO mentors are not outside please park and walk your child to class.  Class will begin each day in the auditorium.  Students who are left to walk unattended to class will be removed from the program and no refunds will be available.   

How do I reach the instructors during they day?

The best way to reach the kidOYO camp instructors/directors during the day is via email: info@ You may also text to 631.223.8725

Is Aftercare available? 

If you need a later pickup time, aftercare if available until 5:30 each day for an additional cost of $30 per day.  Please contact info@kidOYO.com to arrange your aftercare reservation.

We are focusing on kids aged 8-17 (inquire for more info if your child falls outside this window.  We try not to draw hard lines on ages is what is most important).