29. November 2018 - 8:30 till 10:30
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Accessible Microsoft: Outlook, Word, Power Point & PDF | Industrious Minneapolis North Loop | Thursday, 29. November 2018

Does your organization need to meet Americans with Disabilities (ADA) or Web Content Accessibility (WCAG) requirements? Do you communicate with people who are blind or low vision? Making certain that the Microsoft Outlook emails, Word documents and your Power Point presentations are accessible is essential.
In this course you'll learn:

Simple steps to making certain Outlook emails are accessible, including signature lines and images.

The basics of creating accessible Word documents from authorship, as well as converting existing ones to an accessible format.

Step-by-step guidance to ensure all of your Power Point presentations are easy for nonvisual users with screen readers to access with ease.

PDF accessibility essentials and tips.

Included in this course is our Accessible Microsoft Document Learning Guide. An easy-to-understand digital desk reference to make application easy after you leave the classroom.
This is a HANDS-ON training course where you will engage in exercises to put the techniques into practice.  Please bring a lap top or tablet for this : 2 hours
This training is sponsored by WeCo Accessibility Services, a mission-based company which helps organizations and goverments achieve real-life accessibility results through a team of professionals living with disabilities.  If you have questions about training or facility access, please contact WeCo Operations at: admin@theweco.com or 855-849-5050 x3
NOTE: WeCo does NOT facilitate refunds on our paid training classes.  However, we hare happy to exchange your tickets for another date or transfer them to another student at any time, for any reason.  Please contact WeCo Operations for more information at the email address and phone number listed above.