17. December 2017 - 12:00 till 17:00
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December DIY: MNCEC 2nd Anniversary Party | Turbo Tim's Anything Automotive | Sunday, 17. December 2017

We will be having a celebration for MNCEC's 2nd anniversary.
Free food, soda, beer, and much more.
If you need lift time to work on a car project please reach out to us. Thanks!

Scheduled Lift Use:
Lift 1: Ken Gilbert Brake Swap
Lift 2: Thor Hacker Suspension replacement
Lift 3: Erik Berger Thrust arm
Lift 4: Grant Mongin Valve Cover Gaskets
Lift 5: Brett Lidfors Door Lock Replacement
Lift 6: Jamie Babatz General
Lift 7: Jon Scholl Brake Pads and Rotors
  • I've never been to one of these events. Can we just come to hangout?
  • Oh my goodness!!! I just posted everywhere about this! I need to swap my suspension components desperately. What can I do to help? How much time do you have? What can I bring?
  • Next Sunday is the big day, currently we have 4 more lifts available from 12-5PM for almost any automotive project you may need to do. Please PM our page if you would like to book a lift. Reminder the event is FREE for anyone to attend, we will have free food, beer, and soda available. Also should have some MNCEC shirts and decals on hand and will have some great deals for them. Cant wait!
  • I ordered new cats and midpipe to replace my leaky old one. A lift would help. I could do a 2 hour window and still looking for someone to help me hack and weld in a magnaflow. Also doing plugs wires and coil but I don't need a lift for that.
  • I need to replace my clutch a lift would help 😅