14. October 2017 - 12:00 till 15:00
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Minneapolis Bike Lane Protests | 26th and Hennepin | Saturday, 14. October 2017

26th and 28th streets in Minneapolis have become congested driving nightmares since the protected bike lanes were installed a few weeks ago. Between Lyndale and Hennepin it's down to 1 lane for cars making driving a mess. The crusade this city is on to be bike friendly has gone too far. With the Greenway just a few blocks away there is no reason to give up a full lane of traffic to the cyclists!
Join us as we protest the bike lanes this Saturday, October 14th. Bring a sign, a loud voice & alert the media!

  • Photo Credit: Hieronymus Karl-Friedrich von Münchhausen
  • I don't live in Minneapolis, and rarely visit, so I don't have a dog in this fight, but I'm genuinely curious, were there a lot of biking commuters before the bike lane? If so, isn't it in everyone's best interest to give them a specific lane to travel in so they don't get in the way of automobiles since it's illegal for bikes to ride on sidewalks? And didn't bicycles slow down traffic anyway without the bike lane?
  • Can I bring my bike? Hehe jk. I'm so happy this is a thing!!! Tired of stressing out trying to get some where, not hit a car, and worry about hitting a biker, regardless of what they did, and it being my fault 100% of the time.
  • Looks like the weather will be great on Saturday.
  • A quote from votelisabender.com - "Three years ago Lisa Bender fought to represent Ward 10 on the Minneapolis City Council because she believes your voice matters: ". It seems to me that the only voices that matter to Lisa are the <5%. Vote her out!
  • I have nearly 400 pictures of 26th and 28 from BEFORE the expansion to 1 lane! This is my neighborhood. We've been begging for an opportunity to be at the table! Totally ignored. We wanted a traffic study done and finally after 3 years Alondra Cano- Minneapolis City Council Ninth Ward consented, but we would have to pay for it. Other neighborhoods had city funded analysis! SUCKS TO BE US!
  • #WeAreThe95Percent
  • lol with everything that is happening in the world are we really using our energy to protest bike lanes
  • We can not be anti-bikes. We must be Pro-good City planning. Pro-good street design. We need two lanes of traffic on major city streets. Bikes are fine, but NOT on every major street, NOT when it is wasteful or leads to poor planning. We have a Greenway that is designed for bikes. That is great. We need professional urban planning, NOT planning by the bike-minority to control the majority.
  • Remember, it's people like this guy that City Council members like Lisa Bender are listening to and changing infrastructure for. These loud, very aggressive, very vocal people are wining the arguments on how the city prioritizes roadways. They are the extremely small minority. 13,000 cars use 26th and 28th daily vs. 500 cyclists. The numbers don't lie. Stop letting these people win.
  • The numbers don't lie. Removing a lane for motorists was a bad decision.
  • First world problem at its finest. God Bless America! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • Great idea.
  • So you're going to protest congested traffic by blocking traffic? 😂🤣
  • I have to say something here. Comic Sans is America’s font. How dare anyone disrespect America by disrespecting Comic Sans. Sure, lib hipster graphic artists don’t use Comic Sans, but let’s **** it, they hate America. Less bike lanes. More Comic Sans. God bless America.
  • Brace yourself Council Member Bender also announced they want 24th to have bike lanes. The Council will vote on this in November. I proposed, as part of my platform, to not have bike lanes on 26 and 28th. It is ill conceived, delays First Responders and it takes away needed parking. Visit my site at Schorn410.com or facebook Schorn For Ward 10.
  • Let's not forget that bike lanes are also leading to less parking.
  • Can someone also explain why there is now one traffic lane on Franklin and a bike *** bike lane? I'm a biker but that is not necessary. I have a feeling I know who is behind that
  • Is it okay if we bike to the protests because we don't want to deal with parking?
  • Stop Letting the LOUD/ANNOYING Vocal Minority Dictate Policy!
  • 5% of commuters in Minneapolis cycle to work. That means the other 95% are using the roadways for automobiles or public transportation. Do the roadways reflect that??? #WeAreThe95Percent
  • Minneapolis continues to listen to the extremely annoying and vocal minority when it comes to issues of city planning. WE ARE THE 95%, we need to stop this aggressive counter culture from forcing all decisions to go in their favor. 95% of commutes occur in automobiles, buses or light rail but bike lanes keep popping up everywhere we go. We can not allow city planners to continue this crusade they are on to rid the city of motorists when it simply will not happen. STOP TAKING LANES OF TRAFFIC FROM MOTORISTS, STOP LISTENING TO THE TINY MINORITY OF COMMUTERS, START LISTENING TO THE PEOPLE.
  • I am from the suburbs.(North of Elk river) I avoid down town except for business with the State government. Sad that a representative is pushing cars off the road. Pardon the pun. I support your effort! Not only are bike lanes not used to any significant amount, neither is the light rail. Except, perhaps during sporting events. The fact that the representative(s) are ignoring a study showing the detrimental effects on traffic flow and pollution is just wrong! They are narrow-mindedly focused on the simple fact that bicycling is a form of green transportion. Thus, it HAS to be better then cars. Arrogant and ignorant. SMH. I wish you good luck! I hope your voices can be heard!