02. January 2018 - 18:00 till 20:00
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Stargazing Seminar | Midwest Mountaineering | Tuesday, 02. January 2018

Join Charlie McElveen from the Minnesota Astronomical Society for a seminar that will paint the ‘big picture’ night sky, and our place in it!

This seminar will orient you to the movement of the earth in its yearly journey around our sun, and why we can thank that for our seasons; Provide a working knowledge of the moon’s orbit around us, and how that influences our tides and climate; Locate us in the universe’s map system including knowing what’s around us; Offer a sense of the “astronomical” size of our known universe by touring some of the great features of our night sky, such as globular and open clusters, galaxies, and nebula; and give you a glimpse into star formation, and why we are all made of “star stuff"