05. January 2018 - 20:00
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SWINGesota Winter Workshop 2018 - Robert Royston Intensives! | Minneapolis, Minnesota | Friday, 05. January 2018

Robert Royston is BACK!!
Come join us Jan 5-7th, 2018 for a weekend of learning, dancing, and happiness!

Find out more info at

We will be offering a 5-hour intensive for all levels and a separate 5-hour intensive for Adv/All-Star competitors. We will also have dances on both Friday and Saturday night featuring the incomparable Ruby Lair!!

Check out the website for more info!
  • United also has cheap tickets, just got a flight there for 37.20 from Chicago 👌🏼
  • Just booked a one way flight for Friday evening for $38 from Midway to Minneapolis on Southwest!!! Here I come MN!!!
  • Touché, Hieu Le. Allow me to turn up the heat with some Robert and Crystal. #itsgettinghotinherre #canyoufeeltheheat #fuego
  • alright, Rogul... here's my next vid...
  • Very nice, Hieu Le. I see your video and raise you with this!
  • Hey Hieu Le, I'm debating whether I want to sign up as a lead or a follow. What kinds of skills should I have to take the all-levels workshops as a lead?
  • One of my favs...
  • I'm coming back to Minnesota!! I'm so excited to DJ the weekend of Robert Royston's Intensive.
  • Ruby's djing? Yaaaas!
  • I've attended many of Robert's Intensives but this is the first time I've ever seen one that's leveled! I'm seriously thinking about coming now ...
  • Oh sure, just keep reeling me back into dance with these incredible workshop opportunities.
  • Man, looks like fun! But I will still be gone teaching on a New Years cruise. 😁
  • I won't be able to come to this one but I strongly encourage others to do so! I took a Royston intensive for instructors a couple of years ago and it was incredible. His deep Dives are worth every penny and the jump in level of understanding is huge for participants. Sign up! Rock stars like this aren't in Minnesota all that often :-) thank you to whoever is coordinating