02. March 2020 - 19:00 till 21:00
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HypnoBirthing Class (Memorial Hospital Miramar) | Medical Office Building at Memorial Hospital Miramar | Monday, 02. March 2020

.HypnoBirthing® teaches women to relax quickly with uterine contractions, facilitating the opening of the cervix and the descent of the baby.
Women and their birthing companions are taught :

how the mind and emotions affect the body
why labor hurts and why it doesn’t have to
releasing fear, the enemy of labor
preparation of mind and body for birthing
developing ultimate-depth relaxation
understanding the stages of labor
tapping Nature’s own relaxant
breathing the baby down for a gentler birth

The class can be taken as soon as the end of the first trimester.
This class is a total of 5 sessions:
Class 1 of 5
Monday March 02, 2020
Class 2 of 5
Monday March 09, 2020
Class 3 of 5
Monday March 16, 2020
Class 4 of 5
Monday March 23, 2020
Class 5 of 5
Monday March 30, 2020
Payment for Class
You can pay online with a credit card when you register for the class or contact us for other arrangements 954-538-5180 | mhmchildbirthed@mhs.net
Refund Policy
We make every effort to accommodate requests to reschedule classes. Please note that classes fill up quickly and availability may be limited. If you are unable to attend a class and would like a refund, a one-week notice is required.
If you have questions contact: 954-538-5180 | mhmchildbirthed@mhs.net