07. September 2019 - 10:00
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2019-2020 FREE American Sign Language Classes | Faith Baptist Church | Saturday, 07. September 2019

The Walton County, GA FREE American Sign Language Class will be conducting another 6 month Course. This years FREE ASL Classes will begin Saturday, September 7, 2019 at 10:00 am -12:00 pm and End Saturday, February 29, 2020.  The classes are EVERY SATURDAY morning at that time unless it falls near a holiday.
There will be a $10 NON REFUNDABLE REGISTRATION FEE for Adults. However, kids will be FREE from the ages 8-17 years old. Minors 15-17 can attend without an ***** present. However Minors 8-14 must come with an ***** at all times.The Educator will only teach 8 year olds on up to Adults. The Educator does not have the material for younger children. Please DO NOT sign any Minor up for this Voluteer Program that is younger than 8 years old. 
***You will need to obtain a 4 or 5 inch 3 ring binder to put your Educational Packets in each week. A 3 ring 25 page hole puncher is supplied in the classroom each week.***

The American Sign Language Classes are always FREE, but, there is an Attendance Policy and a weekly sign-in sheet in order to meet the requirements to get a Volunteer Certificate in the ASL course. The course is 24 weekends (6 months) which meets the 40 hour requirement. In order to Complete the Program, it will be based on a total number of hours completed in this course. The Certificate obtained will be a CERTIFICATE of COMPLETION.
This certificate will not count for any High School or College level courses.
Every year the classes are conducted, the Educator always starts the first class with the basic fundamentals- ABC’s, 123’s and gradually progresses it harder each week. That’s why it's imperative to start with the first class...also after the first class NO ONE can join/jump in any class afterwards due to its Lesson Plan is already underway. In other words, if you don't attend the 1st Day of Class you CAN NOT attend the 2nd Class or any other Class later on. 
The first hour of each class is the Educational Lesson and the second hour is used for Educational games, activities, watching DVD's or playing ASL games on the laptop computers. During one class halfway through the option will be open for the entire class to vote on a Workshop Day. During this Workshop Day, there will not be a Lesson; instead there will be board games, laptop games, group skits/plays, etc. The following week, however, there will be 2 Lessons taught instead in order to maintain balance.

Each student/participant will receive an Educational Packet at the beginning of each class. These packets are theirs to keep and in the back of every packet are Worksheets to take home and practice what they have just learned in that lesson. 
The Educator ALWAYS reviews the previous weeks Lesson at the beginning of every Class before teaching the new Lesson for anyone that does miss a class or just for general review.

Seating will be limited this year so Sign-up now and claim your spot in this years FREE ASL Classes! Print out your Ticket(s) and bring them WITH you the 1st Day of Class. You will not be allowed into the Classroom without your Ticket(s).