23. May 2019 - 13:30 till 14:30
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Purchase Your Dream Home for 50-60% of the Purchase Price with No Mortgage Payments! | 1101 Johnson Avenue | Thursday, 23. May 2019

This HECM program is available anyone who is 62 years of age or older & can help them purchase their dream home for 50-60% of the purchase price with no mortgage payments! 
Sound too good to be true? Find out more at this FREE Seminar at The Trembley Group Real Estate in The Market Common, Myrtle Beach, SC.
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There are many advantages! 
Four Key Benefits of Purchasing Your Next Home with a HECM:
1. Never be required to make monthly loan payments for as long as you live in your new home.2. Increase your purchasing power to buy the home that best meets your needs.3. Keep additional cash assets in reserve to maintain a more comfortable retirement.4. Increased monthly cash flow. Since monthly mortgage payments are not required, you are able to minimizethe impact on your monthly obligations.
In this informal setting, you will learn:

What the heck exactly is a HECM?! 

How is it possible to not have any mortgage payments?! 

What are the prerequisites for you to take advantage of this unique opportunity? 

Why would you as a retiree want to use this?

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I have much to be thankful for.  Tomorrow we will close on our house in the Carillon Community of Tuscany and The Trembley Group made this possible for us.  Firstly, Jolee Cahill is fabulous.  It was a long road to get here and she worked diligently to make it happen.  She even helped me with the sale of our house in Port . She was always there when I needed her and I just can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate her.  She represents your agency well and I know that your values are in the right place because of what she says and what she does. The other person who has been with us throughout this process is Larry Reed. He had been able to bring complicated information down to a level that helped me be confident. I had a good understanding of what I was doing and that we were making the right moves for our future. He is a delightful person and his attention to detail has moved us through this process with confidence. Together,  Jolee and Larry have been an outstanding team, and best of all, I truly felt the four of us were a team. What a great team for Peter and I to be a part of. Thank you, Scott, for helping make this next part of Peter's and my life have so much possibility.
~ Kathy & Peter S.