19. February 2017 - 15:00 till 17:00
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Planning meeting of Nashville Community Defense (formerly nadar) | Glencliff United Methodist Church | Sunday, 19. February 2017

3rd Planning Meeting of Nashville Community Defense (formerly NADAR). Join us to help prepare massive community response to attacks on our immigrant and Muslim neighbors!

Since Trump's inauguration, we've seen immigration raids in Memphis, Georgia, North Carolina, and around the country. We’ve also already seen a wave of resistance, including in early February in Arizona when hundreds of community members temporarily stopped ICE from deporting Guadalupe García de Rayos.

Nashville is joining the resistance. Thousands have come out to actions protesting Trump's immigration executive orders and the Muslim ban. A month ago, community members began planning. Two weeks ago, over 100 people came out to plan our response to raids and other ICE action in our city, and to address mass detention in general.

Nashville Community Defense is a coalition that has come together in the wake of attacks on immigrant communities and Muslim communities nationwide. We stand with immigrant community members and Muslim community members who have been singled out for threats and harassment by Trump's executive orders. Our Rapid Response team will take action before, during, and after raids. We are not alone. Nashville Community Defense is part of a nationwide support network for detainees and their families.

Planning meeting is closed to people who have been or are employed by policing agencies, detention facilites, or private incarceration companies. Also closed to elected government official and their representatives (if you want to contact us, please feel free to reach us through FB messenger).