23. September 2017 - 17:00 till 20:30
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Into the Light: A 5k for Mental Health Awareness | Cook Campus Center | Saturday, 23. September 2017

Help raise awarness and break the stigma that surrounds mental health diseases.

Last year our father, Phil Mazzini, died by taking away his own life. Mental health diseases are real and we need to learn how to talk about these issues. Building a support system to help solve the many problems that circulate mental health is important and together we can make a difference.

As students at Rutgers University, we see the efforts that go into helping students deal with depression and anxiety. We wanted to help be the change to how mental health is handled both on and off campus.

If you know someone who struggles or has struggled with any mental health disease, if you struggle yourself, or if you simply want to suport this cause please donate to AFSP to fund scientific research and provide resources to those affected by *******.

The money that is put towards this donation page will go towards the American ******* Prevention Foundation for helping us organize this run and for bringing awareness to mental health diseases. The run will take place on Cook Campus at Rutgers University on September 23, 2017. Now, lets come together and all be a part of this change!

You can donate and sign up for the run at: goo.gl/AN8s5a

We hope to see you all there!