25. April 2019 - 20:00
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What is the Cancellation Policy of Southwest Airlines? | Thursday, 25. April 2019

Southwest Airlines is one of the most trusted and reputed US airlines. It offers extremely low cost airfares to all its passengers on regular basis. You can book your flight tickets with full assurance to its amazing in-flight services at low airfares. Most of the time passenger cancel their flight ticket at the last moment and are worried about their money. As the prices of the flight tickets are so high that people are worried about losing their money upon cancellation of their booked flight ticket. Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy is quite easy to understand and it do not charges any cancellation fee. Its airfares are quite low and you will never feel stress while booking your flight ticket for any uncertain events. You can cancel your flight ticket either online or you can also contact Southwest Airlines phone number and their professionals will help you in cancelling your flight ticket.

However whether you are eligible to claim for the refund or not depend upon the type of ticket you have purchased. If you have Refundable Ticket then you will get full refund of your ticket price. You will have to cancel your flight ticket and complete the whole procedure of cancellation. You can accept refund either in your bank account or as “Reusable Travel Funds”. These funds could be used towards your future bookings and have certain expiry date usually of 1 year. So you will have to use these funds within that period.

If you have booked Non-Refundable Tickets then you will not get refund money rather than you will only get “Reusable Travel Funds” which could be used towards your future bookings. They should be used within an year to avoid any problem.

If you have any query or you want to know more about Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy then you can contact its customer service representatives. They are present 24x7 for your service and will brief you all the details related to the cancellation policy.