24. July 2016 - 19:00
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10,000 Youth Campaign Sponsorship | Polanko, Inc. | Sunday, 24. July 2016

“10,000 Youth Campaign Initiative“
At Polanko, we are reaching out to you to gain your support for this much needed initiative. With your support, we can fulfill our mission of helping young adults to complete their High School Equivalency Diploma so that they too can become economically self-sufficient, which will enable them to contribute to the economy and strengthen our communities.    
According to recent statistics, the dropout rate in our great nation is an epidemic which must come to an end. Nationwide there are approximately 1.2 million high-school dropouts which are predominantly Hispanics and African America youth. For most of us, getting a high school diploma may seem like a very small accomplishment; one so small, that we barely even see it as such.
Speaking of accomplishments, we kindly request your support as an individual sponsor to help one student obtain their High School Diploma this year. Your contribution of $2,500 towards their course tuition is 75% tax-deductible. As a token of gratitude, we will acknowledge your commitment and support in a public announcement or press release sharing the student’s success story and life-changing moment as a result of your contribution.
In addition to individual sponsorships, we also have corporate sponsorship opportunities for organizations that are looking to change the lives of more students. Your organization may sponsor at least 100 students at a time. I would be happy to forward the corporate sponsorship benefit package upon your request.
An essential component of our five-year goal, is to provide the necessary educational tools needed for 10,000 economically disadvantaged young adults, to receive their high school diploma over the next (5) years and to learn a technical skill or trade. Through this initiative, we will lower the high school dropout rate, and build stronger communities that will thrive for generations to come.
We sincerely hope that you will join us.
Best regards,
Maritza Polanko | Executive Director | Polanko, Inc. | Tel: (212) 300-6573


Only about 55 percent of Hispanic students and 51 percent of black students will graduate on time with a regular diploma, compared to 79 percent of Asian students and 76 percent of white students.

OUR OBJECTIVE:                  
—  Reduce crime and improve community safety.
—  Strengthen the community, neighborhood and families.
—  Expand economic development and employment opportunities
—  Enhance education and job training
—  Help small business in our community by development strategy alliance to reduce un-employment rate amongst young adults of high-school age. 
—  Create a youth plan initiative and platform for youth to support each other.

Create a permanent sponsorship program that will give high school drop-outs a choice and chance at a technical career and economic opportunity.
Provide basic technical training or a vocational degree.
Provide job placement assistance

In order to launch and implement this initiative, IDI has put in place a strategic (5) year plan that is intricate and essential to launch this campaign. However, we cannot do it without the support of the local community, local government, business owners, media and those who are ready and willing to support.
In July, we will kick off the initiative, with our annual MicroCC Father’s Day Awards ceremony to publicize the initiative, as well as to garner financial support from the citizens and businesses with the local community. The ceremony will honor fathers and individuals for their outstanding contributions to the underserved communities of the tri-state area

Financial Support: Sponsorships and Donations
Advocacy: Local members of the community are encouraged to participate as advocates.
Government: The support of the local government is needed to support this initiative
Media & Press: Local media is needed to hello us spread the word and reach the community and the youth.
Businesses: Local businesses are encouraged to collaborate with IDI to provide job opportunities.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_school_dropouts
HOW TO GET INVOLVED or TAKE ACTION: A complete overview of the 10,000 YOUTH CAMPAING INITIATIVE is available by sending a request to info@polanko.com or by calling 212-695-6353. The overview will include general outline and proposed budget for those requesting sponsorship and funding information.
Press & Media Inquiries: AOPR Inc | amore@aoprinc.com | 347-683-6626
CONTRIBUTION PAYMENTS: Please make check to Polanko, Inc. (Memo: “10,000 YOUTH CAMPAING INNITIATIVE 2016”) -  Mailing Address: PO Box 20014, New York, NY 10001.