14. September 2019 - 10:00 till 11:30
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Conquer your Fear of Public Speaking | Zenspeak @ Ripley Grier Studios | Saturday, 14. September 2019

10 session session program. Once the 10 session package is purchased, the student may use their sessions however they choose. Most people attend once per week, others 4 times a week. Each class attended is considered 1 session. This flexible schedule is designed to meet the needs of busy professionals. The course is ongoing, so each session has participants at all levels. We use a workbook which each student works through at their own pace.
We meet Tuesdays and Wednesdays 6:30-8:00p, Thursdays and Fridays at 6:00-7:30 pm and Saturdays at 10:00-11:30am. 

This class is designed to conquer your fear in public speaking through an extensive step by step activities covering specific situations such as formal presentation, group discussion, and business meeting. 
Overcome public speaking fear with gradual exposure, in a supportive environment. They have been helping professionals, with moderate to severe public speaking issues, become dynamic, confident communicators in virtually any speaking environment. The 100% success rate over 20 years for best man, and maid of honor speeches is just one indication of our effectiveness. But, whatever the challenge, (formal presentation, group discussion, business meeting, sales confrontation, employment interview) the program is customized to fit your needs.Housed in a non-threatening environment in a residential building, the ongoing schedule allows you to start at any time. Average class size is 10 - 20, with each individual allotted sufficient time to work on exercises, laid out in manageable steps, from the course Workbook, the emphasis on incremental practice, not performance, and anxiety monitoring, guarantees each step is challenging yet manageable.Gradual Exposure Program Outline for Public Speaking Anxiety:Session One - Get comfortable hearing your voice in public by responding to very simple questions while seated. The questions (i.e., name, occupation, where you live, etc.) require little thought or content.Session Two - Learning to stand confidently before a group. You will stand, with several others and respond to simple questions. As your confidence increases, one by one, each person standing will sit, until you are standing alone. You will continue until this begins to feel comfortable.Session Three- This exercise is the same as the previous one except you start by standing alone.Session Four - Gestures and Movement. Enhance your message, decrease tension and project a confident demeanor incorporating non-verbal skills.Session Five - Implement the skills learned in the session four by relating a personal experience using gestures and movement to enhance your narrative.Session Six - Respond to Questions. Open the floor to questions on a topic of choice.Session Seven - Impromptu Speaking. Learn to organize and deliver an unprepared (no notes) talk.Session Eight - Prepared Speech (Instructor Guided). Learn the secret of outlining and presenting a prepared speech with minimal effort or stress.Session Nine - Prepared Speech. Outline and deliver a speech unassisted. Once you have mastered the above you can begin simulating all manner of interpersonal and public communication including:

Persuasive Speaking
Panel Discussion
Conflict Resolution
Defending your Position
Initiating and Sustaining Conversation
As well as many others

Materials: It is highly recommended that you purchase the $25 companion e-book that comes with this class. A link to purchase the e-book will be provided upon signup.Location: @Ripley Grier Studios 131 W72nd streetNote: The program can be tailored to your particular needs. For example: work related exercise can be stimulated for those facing presentations in the workplace. Classes are ongoing, and students can attend on days that are convenient for them. 
Unexplained absence exceeding 60 days results in forfeiture of credits.   Payment is non-refundable.